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I feel down lately. Any tips on cheering up?

| Mostly just what the title says. I feel luck I'm stuck in a melancholy state.

| *like

| I love sex.

| if you feel down then you gotta get high

| >>578089 solid advice

| >>578093
exactly! see you on the rooftop

| Aren't we all? I can only suggest listening to music you associate with happines and joy or simply joyful music.

| Music helps me stay sane. Try writing and/or drawing, though be sure to take a break if it gets frustrating. Take a day inside if you need to but make sure you don't get in a rut where you don't get any exercise or sunshine. Eat healthy.

Not sure if this helps, I just thought I'd try posting what I do to avoid depression and the like.

| Things that help when I feel down:
Go for a long aimless drive with no destination in mind. Read a good book. Try out a new hobby. Host a board game night with some friends.
Avoid social media. Avoid video games. Avoid porn. Avoid the internet in general.

| Go help someone who is worse off.
>karla moved sin

| >>578096
I'm bringing lunch for 3 then

| just go up lol

>meany cute jar

| Listen to OSTER project CD VOL.1!!

| drink a smoothie

| Join a thing we do not talk about

| cuck the guy who dates the hottest girl in the village

| or you could also cuck the hottest girl in the village directly and become the alpha girl

| Become a weeb

| When you enjoy something, do so with no ragrets. Indulge in the hedonism of the moment and don't feel bad.

Please misconstrue.

| >>579265
On a side note, though, this approach tends to fuck you over in the long run. Source: had overindulged in hedonism until recently.

| >>579324 g/u/rl that sounds like a ragert. NO RAGERTS.

| >>578022
Stop considering it a problem and it will stop being one.

| Honestly, I just took the time to be by myself and cried, it took me a lot to actually get the tears flowing but that's because I repress my feelings a lot.

But taking the time to cry was therapeutic for me.

I'd say it's worth a shot g/u/rl.

| >>579545
Huh. I find it really difficult to cry. Borderline impossible unless something recent causes me to. I can feel like I'm on the verge of tears for days but still be unable to actually cry and it's incredibly exhausting.

| >>6b2e95

It took a lot of effort on my part to finally do it.

Even when I did, I felt my natural instinct to fight it but I just let it go.

I'm glad I was able to.

Been teetering on the edge of suicide lately, especially last night.

So I'm wishing all you sad g/u/rls the best.

| Join the weebs
We love having more people to talk about waifus

| drown yourself with alcoh

| jerk off

| Just wait. If it isn't clinical depression it will stop, someday. Maybe try to change your routine a bit. Or numb yourself with alcohol, food, vidyas or TV series while you wait for time to pass. Dunno.

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