Life really is odd

| I hate the project I'm working on, I've failed to get a promotion, I've never been any more lonely than I am now and I rarely go put of home.

But I'm at peace with myself, the project is bad but the job overall is great, the promotion is sure to come eventually as I'm steadily progressing, even though I am lonely that doesn't make me feel bad at all and I still go out when I actually want to.

I should be miserable but I'm feeling great inside

| Sounds like a net positive.

| >I should be miserable but I'm feeling great inside

| Lmao your life sucks. Do you feel bad yet?

| >>578129 oh no I don't really WANT to feel bad
But it's kinda weird to feel good when I'm in the sort of situation people always talk about as if it was the end of the world, being lonely and working on a project I have no passion about...

| >>2ff0bf at least you've found peace in it, care to explain your reasoning?

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