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what board would you like to be added?

| title

| the site isn't that active to add another board

| A troll board where random words get shifted upon posting just for the laughs

| Isn't that basically test

| >>577849 almost, think test but in steroids(or maybe on mushrooms)

| A board for the russian threads.

| >>577918 ban the ruskies

| An international board without yanks

| A feels board for stuff that's not really all that random to be on /u/ and not kinky enough to be on /d/

| Ahegao board or tentacle board plz

| Fitness board plz

| /drugs/ for a good conversation while high and for harm reduction.

| /hose/

| >>578080 /mad/

| >>577942

| /image/, a board with images.

| >>578083 it exists, it's called /burg/

| /active/

| We need /lit/ but I would probably be the only one posting there.
So maybe we don't need /lit/

| >>578168
I was about to say /lit/ too, so at least that makes two of us.

| What would /lit/ be exactly? I'm questioning if it's weed or a place to talk about books

| >>578407
Why not both?

| Umm, movies and tv-shows board?!

| >>578481
It already exists. It's called /a/

| >>578619 /a/ is the 映画 and TVアニメ board not movies and tv shows get it straight normie

| Plz no new board thank

| /fag/ a new containment board for stupid faggots to do their faggotry without bothering everyone else

| >>578744

| I suggest adding agression board, where everyone can swear at anyone how they want just for the sake of it.

| >>578763 I like this idea

| >>578763

That's /new/, just post some random US politics bait and let the kids swarm it and fight

| /new/ is for people who can at least pretend to hold an argument, now we need a board for the kids who just like to say 'nigger faggot'

| >>578785 you fucking nigger faggot

| I follow one social group where people are angry at each other without a reason. This is just for relaxation, you know. Like, it is better to bark at someone in a place especially designed for that.

| >>578794 congratulations you said what we all expected you to

| >>578805 I say what I like to say and what I like to say the most is
> nigger faggot

| /x/ paranormal

| /x/ faggot niggerz from the occult

| /lgbt/

| >>578960
how about no

| >>579084 yes, let them isolate themselves away from the normal people
But if a LGBT bpard is made we will need a rule that forbids faggot talk on every other board

| >>579094
no they'll just grow. containment isn't long-term effective.

| >>579094 I vote we ban you from talking on other boards, if all the people who hate/dislike the lgbtalphabet people didn't fall for shitty bait there wouldn't be an issue

| >>579190 the opposite is true as well.

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This thread is permanently archived