Ask the person below you a question the third

| Old thread reached 250 so let's go again

What'd your dream bedroom look like?

| A simple desk with ample room, a computer, a big shelf, a small kotatsu, and a small but comfortable bed. Other than that, as little as possible. Maybe a Man Ray prints to put on the wall or a whiteboard. I'd like the walls to be a muted pastel color and the floors to be hardwood or tile but I don't care that much about them.

Have you ever done volunteer work? What was it like?

| Collecting litter, you zone out and a few hours pass like that.
If you could visit another country, which one would it be, why, and for how long?

| I've been to a lot of places, but I'd definitely want to return to Korea for another week. The food is great for the price and there's lots to do. Killing time was never more fun for me than in Korea.

and im talkin about South Korea btw

Should I confess to my crush?

| Yes, don't be a coward like me, even today I regret my inaction 10 years ago...

Do you like Gunpla?

| I've heard of it and from what I've seen I like it.

If you had the chance to make an impact on the world in any way you want, what kind of impact would it be?

| A meteor impact.


| NeoGeo

Third impact?

| Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations

Honey, where did you put the salt?

| The Salt shaker Fell over and spilled salt onto the League of Legends Community

Best part-/fulltime Job you Had? Why?

| Haven't had a lot of experience there yet. So don't know.

What's got you most excited lately?

| I got a promising job despite my young age.

What's your native language?

| Russian.

Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

| I have never encountered any evidence of His existence and every piece of writing/sighting about it can be explained by more logical means than divine intervention.

Who's your favorite vampire?

| Dio Brando
What's the weirdest thing thay ever happened?

| I don't know. I haven't been alive long enough to see everything single weird thing and rank it.

What clothes, if any, are you wearing right now?

| Not wearing any. Got me there.

Why am I angry all the time?

| You probably watch/read news that have political themes and/or crime, it's said that these things increase irritability

Do you like programming? If yes, what's your favorite language? If no, why?

| I really like golang. It feels a lot more natural and it's a lot easier to read than C++ and such, and feels a lot less tedious than Java. Plus, it's compilable and speedy.

What new thingsshave you bought for yourself lately?

| Some Magic cards and a prototype of a card game I designed. So just a bunch of cardboard and plastic.

What is your favourite Nintendo game?

| Bayonetta 2

What's your favorite organ ?

| Appendix. He is useless and doesn't do anything, but I like this little bastard.

Do you think that humanity will conquer the stars, or will demise somewhere in the process?



| >>578178 neither, we'll all become vegetables in an artificial virtual world and just give up on reality

Whats up with the wrong place for a Brad to be?

| No idea

If you could have any one surgery for anything, free and without risk, which one would you get and why?

| >>578253 I wouldn't do any. My appearance is fine, am only ugly in my mind. Can't do shit with that.

Would you kill yourself, if you knew for certain that you will be reborn without any memory of your past life in a different shell (possibly in a different time or even world), but with your soul?

| >>578254
Not right now. I'd like to try continuing this life for at least a little longer.

Is curling up in a blanket, crawling into a corner and just laying there until you die the best way to go?

| >>578266 No, dying of dehydration and/or septic shock is supremely uncomfy. Chemical euthanasia is the way to go imo.

Do you believe in any higher powers?

| >>578254
But if it's not my body, not my memories and not my mind (which is, by definition, body part shaped by experience), that WHAT IS IT?!

Fucking cultists, out of my lawn![/spoiler]

| >>412ded i believe in the power of 9

How do you drink your coffee?

| >>578376
From a cup.

Is life actually good after all?

| Yes, I collect many +1UPS from various Super Mario Maker levels.

What is your full name, address, social I.D., date of birth, and phone number?

| I'll be real, I myself dont know my phone number, address, and social ID. Guess that comes with being a thirdworlder. My name is Diego Delacruz, born December 1, 1999 tho lol

What are your preferences for porn?

| Normal stuff with a bit of Astolfo.

What was the last time you cried and why?

| yesterday evening cause of damn onions I was cutting for the salad

whats the sound the Big Yoshi makes?

| Didgeridoo 10 hours bass boosted

Fav cheese?

| Gouda

Best Anime/movie/series you recently watched?

| Girls' Last Tour. Gave me the loli in a predicament fix I needed after Made In Abyss. Good shit.

| >>579229 she forgot to ask so i will instead

What you favorite thread in danger/u/?

| >>579277
This one, because I made it.

Am i gonna die soon?

| >>579278
you, no
your body, yes

would you rather explore Mars or the oceans depths?

| Mars, unless there's cockroaches there, then I'd rather explore the ocean

Is Zimbabwe a place?

| >>579331
no you're thinking of Rhodesia

why are you gay?

| who says im gay?

| >>579352

| (1 answer and 1 question. Is it really that hard?)

| >>579363

| Why can't a g/u/rl get a simple fuckin question on the QUESTION THREAD?

| >>579375

| >>579375
Because said g/u/rl didn't answer the previous question.

What's a hobby you'd like to get into but you're hesitant to start with?

| Collecting figures both from anime and western media, especially bishoujo(pretty girl) figures
I'm very afraid of the judgment I'll get for them

Do you like rwby? And what about ruby(the programming language)?

| Heard it's shit. Both of those.
And I fucking judge you.

Something from today you know you'll be nostalgic about as it gets forgotten?

| Possibly. It depends on how my life goes from here. But there is a small chance that I'll look back at this day as the day I realized my calling in life.

What's your opinion on capitalism? Do you think we could survive without it or is it too ingrained in society?

| It's ok, I like owning my stuff and I don't want a government taking over the economy
But yes we could survive without it

Kung-fu vs aikido

| Theyre both pretentious as Shit. Bonus Points to kung fu for being mainstream.

Give us a random, yet intriguing fact that barely anyone knows

| You can live without your spleen as the liver can take on its functions with few problems. Water spins around in a whirpool in a different direction on either hemisphere. Those cool looking concrete tile patterns on sidewalks aren't tiles, it's a mold pressed into flat concrete. Sleeping on your left side is the healthiest. Pig blood is a viable substitute for human blood for transfusion.

Do your parents know you're gay?

| I'm not gay, they can't know something about me that is not true

Why are people so fixated on homosexuality?

| 'cause it's chill. Like, who doesn't love homosexuality? It's awesome!

What is your favourite masturbation technique?

| Alone.

Tits or ass?

| ass

have you ever had a friend that turnt out to be crazy?

| Does an ex girlfriend count?

Would you rather pilot a mech, but die in 5 years or gain immortality but be forced to live to the end of the universe, stuck motionless for eternity?

| I would rather pilot a mech to help the Area 51 raid.

Will you be attending the Area 51 raid?

| I live somewhat close, so I was planning on it, but it turns out I'll be out of town :/

What's your favorite kind of weather?

| Darude Sandstorm

Between the following how would you rather be executed? Hanging, Guillotine, Electric chair, Lethal injection, Firing squad?

| >>579723
hanged like a SS
guillotined like the french
electric chair like the French
injection like a junkie
firing squad like a man

i think i'd choose
have my capacity to feel pain surgically removed, then be grilled alive in an immense furnace. then eaten. perhaps even alive, if that's even possible...

where are you located & could we possibly meet (+ more)

| Germany, highly unlikely.

Are you currently waiting for Something Like a game/movie/Anime to release? If so, what and why?

| >>579835
where in Germany

| >>579835
A game. Cyberpunk 2077, cause it's gonna be awesome. I wish I had a ps4 to wait for death stranding too.
What do you do and how much do you earn?

| I do nothing and earn more than you citizens of the slums

Are you gay because you suck dick or do you suck dick because you're gay?

| Both

What are you most proud of?

| Probably my black belt. It wasn't really difficult, but I'm more proud that I actually kept doing martial arts for the past 11 years. I didn't really think I could find a hobby to stick with.

How have you been doing lately? Are you enjoying yourself?

| I've been shitposting while watching Chinese cartoon porn, I'm enjoying myself
Or rather my right hand is enjoying my penis

Why are you a whiny bitch?

| I never whine or complain. It never changes anything and only makes you undesirable to be around.

Why are the questions and answers so much more juvenile in this thread than the other two? We can do better.

| >>579905 cause we used all the good ones, maybe? I don't think they're any worse.

Many people on this textboard, and other boards, say that 'things used to be better here'. Do you think things have gotten worse on danger/u/ over the past months?
>james vague binge

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