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Russian should replace English as the main international language

| Like Russian is a lot of fun to learn(I still suck at it and barely know the Cyrillic alphabet but it's fun to learn)
English has a lot of annoying "unrules" that annoy me, especially when it comes to pronunciation

| The most fun language I studied was chinese.
But as much as I had fun putting words together and learning their pronounciations, learning how to write/read that shit was absolute fucking hell.

| At least Russian is fairly easy to pronounce right, while in English there's so much arcane fuckery with the way the letters sound I probably won't learn it well enough in all my life.

| Tbh it all depends on practice. I learned my english exclusively from playing vidya. And since I used to spend all my waking hours playing it, my english improved exponentially. It helps that I enjoy classical RPGs more than cawabooty shooters anyway.

Gotta admit though, no swearing is as satisfying as yelling CYKA BLYAAAAAAAT

How are you learning Ruski? With an app?

| I'm a Russian myself and I'd choose Japanese as the lingua franca. It's so awesome with all the keigo, teineigo and casual speech, ways to say words with simpler or more smartypants readings. Phonetically it's less complicated. More fun to learn.

English is a hot mess with how you read words, yeah. Russian IS simpler in that respect.
>>576986 I mostly learned it the same way. Everything's at least dubbed in English nowadays.

| >>576986 I bought a course on udemy and complement it with duolingo

| Japanese would be interesting and they do already have romanji which would work since most everyone uses the Latin alphabet anyway. Also the un almost accepted Esperanto so why not that

| Cyka blyat you western capitalist

| question B had the two possible answers "had had" and "had".
>Tom, while Jim had had had, had had had had. had had had had a better effect on the teacher

| Русский

| Кто сказал Russian

| Да, пожалуйста

| Чево >>577768

| >>576968 fuck off. What the fuck is happening to this shithole?!?

| >>577806

| >>577129 Who the hell actually speaks Esperanto though.

~ritz nears bacon

| >>578069
vi fagoto

| Кто тут любит русский? Hi gay's, somebody watch "house of detention"?

| >>578061 здарова

| Suka… now russhian occupating his thread!!!(i'm rus)

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