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HentaiHaven shut down, this time it seems like for good.

| hentaihaven.org
in case the site eventually goes down: http://archive.is/lbEbU

Turns out shady shit went on after all?

| >played me like a cum-stained violin
Not gonna lie, this got me good.

Still. It's sad to see shit like this happen again and again when misinformed people get manipulated into giving the keys to their own houses.
Regardless, I hated fakku before and I will keep hating her now.

| >>576851 Hentaihaven isn't going down. Who the fuck told you that? Fakku stole it.

| fakku is eternally dead to me.

| >>576861 stolen, going down, either or.

Kinda disappointed, I kinda had my skepticism over Fakku. Glad to see it remains, I suppose.

| Just saying that I called it out back then. I posted in here about how FAKKU has a terrible reputation. Mentioned how they took DMCA honey select links (even tutorial video) after they bought it.

| So they were going to die one way or the other, fakku brought them back, and now they can't afford the licenses to do it legally so they're dead again?

| *I have no idea what's going on and don't really use the site can someone fill me in*

| >hentaihaven died
>hentaihaven got "saved" by fakku
>everyone knows fakku is shady
>everyone doubts fakku saving hh
>no word for months
>papa hh gets kicked out of hh website
>beams him last message saying how he got fucked over by fakku

| >>577093 I always hated their factory made vanilla trash doujinshi

| I literally never heard about this website until people start talking about it shutting down. sounds like a drama queen is managing it huh

| or or or you live under a cave>>ab9ff9

| >>577241 nah it's just fakku doing what fakku does best, being a douchebag company

| >>577241 I've heard of it before but no one seemed to care about it until it got shutdown the first time or at least right beforehand, and besides they don't tag Yuri so who gives a shit

| >>577682
>no one seemed to care about it
My dick respectfully disagrees

| >>577682
Hmm, not true. I've never really cared for HH, but I've seen a bunch of people talking about the site and memeing about it well before it got shutdown.
They had good quality, fairly active comment sections, jokey descriptions, and 'exclusives'(though they were reuploaded to other sites often).

| HH was and still is shit. Let's be honest.

| And in the midst of it all, Tsumino tried to fill in the void and nobody notices.

| Remember when you could browse FAKKU for free?

| Not really no, though I remember hearing about the change

| While this spectacle has definitely painted Fakku in a bad light for me, I never understood the outrage when Fakku turned legit. Like these scanlation groups would usually put things like 'be sure to support the artists you really like if their doujins are available to you' or something along those lines, yet no one else seems to actually give a shit about doing just that, except the few that stick to Fakku of course.

~cairo nonce task

| >>578303 fakku started as a "community effort" with scanlation groups providing content for them. when they turned "legit", they went out to take down the aforementioned scanlation groups. that's how dickish they are.

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