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Are you happy now "wholesome" police?

| Look at the pride month thread, we were being nice and civil(but disagreeing with the notion of pride month) then a lot of idiots came crying for censorship and bans.

all the faggot spammer did was give power to people who believe in censorship, that damn retard...

Now we have a bunch of soyboys who can't take criticism believing they are in the right to cry for bans on everything that offends them.

| >a bunch of soyboys who can't take criticism believing they are in the right to cry for bans on everything that offends them
you mean, like lefties?

| >>572740 pretty much lefties, but gayer

| Sounds like you're crying because gays offend you and you want to ban them

>jay jelly ire

| >>572789 no, I'm pointing that gays are offended and want to ban everyone else was a mixed consequence of stopping the edgyness and the spammer attacks and that being "wholesome" will bring around more people crying for bans.
But I don't want to ban them, let them be whiny and annoy everyone since you love being "wholesome" so much, but when YOU get them offended and they ask for your ban don't say I didn't warn you about being too nice.

| Not that anyone will get banned anyway, except spammers they deserve a ban

| To be fair, after the first few posts nobody was really being civil or actually arguing, mainly just hurling insults. Even the first few, which were legitimate complaints, were worded pretty aggressively. I'm fine with discussing Pride Month's utility, but can't we at least do it without being rude to each other?
As to 'wholesomeness' I don't think that's the reason for people crying to lock the thread. Neither was it because of the spammer. I know that multiple people here (cont)

| have gotten tired of the anger that's been infesting this board recently. The spammer started spamming because we got mad at him for posting contentless vitriol all the time. So I'd say the spammer is related to the problem but not the cause.
In the end, though, locking the thread wouldn't really help, and the guy who suggested it isn't solving the problem by suggesting it.

| Are we done meta-discussing moderation ?
Can we try to move on and make a step beyond ban/no ban, pls ?
Also where's the wholesome police?
And that guy who apparently is very good at captcha, can we just put them back where they belong, which place is called "bad joke land" ?
And can we stop baiting, and ascend to another plane of consciousness, with high-quality shitpost ?

Also, all of these are questions, and every question ever is a trap.
And god knows how much I like traps.

| "We were being nice and civil"
The fourth post says literally:

"enjoy your AIDS you degenerate product of child molestation

lemme pull up stats here~
2% of the population - 40% of child predators
92% of children with same sex guardians are abused
82% of syphilis cases
37% of anal cancer
only 20% are STD-free"

Yeah, nice and civil.

| can i be a soyboy if i'm a girl?

also,tgat thread was anything but civil

| >>572879 I personally loved this one, first because it has no source, second because point one is a gaping hole and only one gurl pointed it out, too late even
Come on! It was a free shot and you let it slip to complain about edgyness!
>>572851 most edgy posts were me not the spammer I only stopped because people were thinking I was on the spammer's side

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