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I'm nervous about attaching myself to other people.

| Perhaps due to my insecurities and lack of self-confidence, but I have a lot of anxiety keeping up with friendships or relationships in general.

I thankfully have made more friends in recent years than I had growing up being bullied. But at the same time, I always feel like a sore thumb. I fear I don't belong anywhere I go, and that if I reveal more sides to myself everyone will just leave me behind. So I end up pushing away others first.

I don't know how to stop this cycle.

| Just make a tulpa of your waifu and leave the 3d people behind!

| Same, op, same

| it may be those people's fault. in my experience, you just need to interact more and experience things together.

| > reveal more sides to myself
There. How to stop that cycle.

| >>572416 Ouch lol

But I totally get OP's problem. There's just sides of yourself that you want to share but just are too scary to let out (ie you're a big weeb that trolls 2chan on Saturday nights instead of going out like normal ppl)

| I am exactly you, OP. I was really bad at socializing and was bullied a lot when I was in elementary and middle school. After I graduated from elementary, I decided to change myself entirely. my true self showed up sometimes, I got hated by some friends in but with those feedbacks, I tried to learn from it. Until now, I got a lot of good friends and have no issue making a new friend. I still have anxiety but I use it as a reminder to think before doing anytihng

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This thread is permanently archived