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Happy Pride Month!

| i hope y'all are having a happy pride month!

| Happy month of child sexualization and depraved parades made just to get attention!
Let's go twerk on police cars!

| Veterans get one day people in rainbow onesies and dildos plastered to them get a whole month


| enjoy your AIDS you degenerate product of child molestation

lemme pull up stats here~
2% of the population - 40% of child predators
92% of children with same sex guardians are abused
82% of syphilis cases
37% of anal cancer
only 20% are STD-free

| btw to the whole entire rest of the world except fags, it's actually called "JUNE".

| I wish those idiots would stop pretending to do that because they're gay. Just make a separate Pervert Week or smth already.

| Nothing happy in this thread, yeesh.....

| lgbtqia+ rights matter

| >>572503

| >>572567 lol

| I honestly have no issue if people are gay or not. But I think it's ridiculous just to celebrate if you are gay or not. Just be a regular person and interact with others.

I thought the point was to treat others as our equals or at least peers instead of being differently from us.

| *if you are gay in general.

| Mods please don't allow the edginess to take place here

| >>572601 edgyness? Most comments against pride month here were based on facts...
And impressively no one even used the word "faggot" yet

| grats OP, you baited the edgelords just as you wanted
now lock this thread please mods

| >>572617 why would they lock the thread? To satisfy you because it's not filled with cheers and hoorays?

| Lol these faggot niggers can't tell criticism from edgyness
Real monkeyfuckers
^ this post is edgy, the rest of the thread is not, it's just people who disagree with OP

| >>572578
It's not just to celebrate being gay. It's to celebrate being free of oppression. Being able to openly come out as LGBTQIA+ and not risk your job, your social status, your life even. Well, at least being able to do that in some places, unfortunately not all of the world accepts this still.

| Bruh being gay is a meme in 2019. Leave the degeneracy and come to Christ. Extra Eclessiam nulla salus.

| >>572617
this thread was about to die but then people fell for the baits and resurrected it omegalul

| >>572304 where are your sources?

| >>572601 lmfao bro you think this shit is off limits? thats fucking retarded, if people can scream about politics they can scream about how you fucks are so god dam touchy about the littlest thing

| >>572617 you too

| >>572571 >>572567 lol

| >>572668 free of oppression, empowered and twerking on cars without consequences, encouraging children to become symbols of sexual liberation, accusing any and all criticism towards your modus operandi as homophobia, persecuting all who disagree and being depraved in public to show dominance.

| You guys are fucked up, want to be LGBTQALPHABET? Go ahead, but please act like a decent human being, please leave the children out of it, please learn the difference between criticism and attacks and please stop crying for censorship at every turn.

| >>572668
"pride month" just makes me hate faggots even more.
even though i don't give a fuck about what you do in private. if you're on the street saying "i'm proud to suck dick" then i will desire your physical removal from this world.
also how the fuck did you shit for brains come up with the idea that you can be proud of being a faggot? be proud of being an EMT and saving lives, or being a soldier and surviving a firefight. "i'm proud to suck dick and i'll show it on the street"

| Fuck you. Even pedowikia promotes faggotry.
Sexuality is a part of personal private life and should not be shoved in the face on every corner.

| I hope you have a happy pride month as well!

| >>572739
sheesh. people can't suck dick in public? that isn't very free speech of you

| >>572753 free suck is not free speech.
One thing at a time please, you'll have a hard time talking with a dick in your mouth.
Maybe that's why lesbians are more vocal than gay men.

| hate speech is speech that denies others of free speech

| >>572884 so asking for censorship to protect yourself is hate speech and we enter an endless paradox because fighting against hate speech becomes hate speech in itself, as it denies free speech to hateful people.
This is unsustainable logic that can be interpreted in too many ways to count.
It could also be interpreted that only loud speech and spam are hate speech since other ways don't actually stop you from expressing your opinions if you feel courageous enough.

| Give me something really objective something without room for misinterpretation and impartial, something constant and robust as the definition of hate speech first and then we'll talk if fighting against it makes sense.

| Okay. Both sides of this argument are stupid fucking bigots. Go fuck yourselves. People suck.

| let's bet on how many replies this thread will get until it's closed, i'm saying 60

| >>572896 I like the way you think

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