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Problems with my ex

| I meet this girl 7/10 she plays games and also weeb
We dated she cheated on me
Then I forgive her so we started dating again but she recently just cheated on me again, now she is trying to get me back what should I do?

| >>572289 Cut and eat her tits.

| go back and get cheated on again you limp cuck

| Once a cuck shame on her, twice a cuck shame on you, but three times a cuck means you enjoy being cucked

| Unless you want to have an open relationship I'd say no, an even then probably no, because you don't want to date someone you can't trust

| Just fuck her in the ass and then throw her out of your house

| The fact that you even ask what to do in this situation means, most likely, that you are hopeless.

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This thread is permanently archived