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hair in the ass

| how do you g/u/rls get reed of hair in the ass?

| >>569805 don't need to get reed of it cuz no one looks at my butt anyways. Btw it's actually pretty funny to twirl them

| >>569827

| Body hair is a symbol of masculinity
Keep it, flash it, be proud of your body hair

| >>569864 what if you're a girl though?

| >>569865 manly women are hot too, be proud of your manliness

| just use a razor. try not to go over the wrinkly skin parts though.

| >>569871
>implying a well-groomed asshole isn't peak masculinity

| why do i not have hair in the ass

| >30 years old dude
>dont have any hair on my chest
>cant even grow a beard
>not much hair on arms either
>yet my legs, pubes and ass are a fucking forest

This is so fucking annoying, why the hell was I designed this way?

| Damn, I've got hair even on my fucking toes


| >>570307 toe hair is the most painful

| don'tshave your ass hair it makes your shit super sticky

| do not shave

| >>570380
only reason why I still have my hair ass

| For the love of all that is holy just do not Nair your asshole. I have heard a horor story of it and don't want you to suffer like he did.Just use a bidet to clean your asshole and make it clean. That asshole hair actually has a purpose. Mostly just to prevent chaffing and also has a tendency to get farts out of there. If you want a smooth butt though,there is always waxing. It's painful though quick and can last a little while before needing to be done again.

| thanks 4 all the g/u/rs ho help me to pass this face of my life.
It might not meant much to you, but i Alloway be grateful for the advice and love that u give me every day.

| >>571054 I can't read this but I <3 you too
>yore papas rinse

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This thread is permanently archived