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LGBTQ stands for

| Let's Go Bully The queers

| Let's Go Beat up The Quick scopers

| Let's Go Behead The Queen

| Lain gains burg treasure... Q?

| Lesbian Gay Bi Transpeoplearefuckingstupidandshoulddie Queer

| Lettuce,Gay,Bacon, and tomato. All on a quick bread bun.

| Let's Gas Blacks Today, Quick!

| >>569749
this. homo/straight/bi/nothing is okay in my book, the rest is rotten garbage

| Stands for Man on man anal fuckers that flaunt their faggotry to your face

| Why everyone gotta hate people who're different? Fucking hell. You cunts complain about normies, but that's the most normie shit there is.

| >>569781

They don't hate other people, they just want to believe they belong to a group by joining others against
another collective. Replace lgtb with retarded stuff like owning a phone brand or driving a different car and you end with the same thing.

| LGBTBBQ dont make it hard to hate them, tbh.
Did you see the bushit they pulled with E3?
>game doesnt have a trans character? Bigots
>game DOES have a trans character? This is fetishization!
>Japanese dev is popular on the net because she acted cute? She's being objectified
>said dev is actually happy with all the fanart people made of her? She's internalizing the objectifation

Jesus christ. Just take itin the butt and shut up, why do you need to make an identity out og it

| >>569800
You realize you're doing the exact same thing right? Obsessing about shit that doesn't matter and getting angry at others for it?

That may apply to some, but I would find it difficult to hate on people who already get way too much shit just so some anonymous cunt would like me better. In a setting like this it seems very unlikely that wanting to fit in is the main or only reason.

| in before the lock

| Where do you get all these thread ideas...

| >>569792
>Replace lgtb with retarded stuff like owning a phone brand or driving a different car and you end with the same thing
when people get beaten/thrown off roofs/thrown out of homes/killed for owning a toyota camry i'll believe that shit

| >>569836
I'm pretty sure they were talking about the people who spam shit like this in threads and stuff, not the people who actually commit hate crimes. Not saying I agree with the anon, but I don't think they're so dumb that they think hate crimes are committed towards Mac owners.

| Lsmile Gsweet Bsister Tsadistic Qsurprise
You don't have to be any sort of "special" bloke to get beaten up / thrown out of the house / killed / <insert drama-inducing violent behavior example>.
Also service.

| It's the salt
The sweet sweet salt of idiots who get outraged easily
That's why LGBTARDS are so mich fucking fun to oppose

| I'm not outraged about who you hate I'm outraged that you're filling up the board with shit nobody wants to read. The combined benefits that anyone could possibly get from this garbage noise aren't even worth the time until heat death that's lost by your processor creating heat, let alone the cost it took to make the electricity to power your computer, or the food to fuel your useless life. If you want to shitpost, shitpost something at least mildly interesting or inventive.

| >>569876 yeah, because all the posts playing along were me....
And then all the letters started clapping
Go play with a dildo or something

| >>569882 If you posted ANY of them you're wasting something. Can't you at least think of something new to shitpost about instead of just following some idiot groupthink flimsily disguised as humor? At least when I post these garbage rants I've formed my own fucking opinion rather than just copying some edgy kid on 4chan because I'm susceptible to idiotic groupthink flimsily disguised as humor.

I already played with my dildo today.

| >>569885 ok I get it.
you're not outraged you're just mad at a fat virgin loser anon for making idiotic shitposting.

Congratulations on being so damn fun and interesting and not outraged at all.

I bet your parents are proud of how you dish out keyboard justice to lazy bums with nothing better to do with their lives than be dumb and edgy to let put steam from their pathetic unsuccessful lives, you're worthy a Nobel prize of peace for fighting dangerously armed bigots.

| 'Not outraged'? I'd say I'm outraged. And I don't care about bigotedness. I just want to be interested in this board again but it's pretty fuckin hard when every other post is 'lol fuck trannies' or 'nigger retard faggot x4'. And I've gotten just as angry about the stupid 'trans rights' threads but at least the idiots who posted them actually stopped when they were asked to. If you want to actually have a conversation about this, go ahead, but generate some actual content for once.

| >>569615 >>569615 >>569649 >>569649 >>569649 >>569668 >>569668 >>569668 >>569749 >>569749 >>569753 >>569753 >>569766 >>569766 >>569767 >>569767 You fucking bigoted nazis. I fucking hate Trump supporters like you.

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