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Usual post about how captcha sucks (sorry)

| Almost never got through it on the first try. Have to copy all post, refresh thread, paste and try again... Damn, I'm really sorry for whining, but I just can't forget how good it was to chat without it.

If you can't think out better way to fight spammer, at least give as an option to refresh captcha without refreshing the whole thread and loosing all you have typed in. And make it simpler.


But yeah you're right. Refreshing captcha would be a nice idea

| Re

| Uwu

| >>570000 trips

imo it would be a good idea to add a tolerance system too as this captcha doesn't even accept one wrong letter

| >>570011 that's not trips thats quads

Captchan has to be difficult and unforgiving, otherwise the ocr bot might still get through on occasion.

| Don't be sorry. It's a thread that should be stickied imho. On the bright side - sometimes it's funny tho.
bicep steel eying

| >>570359


| Wow, my thread has been sticked, finally I have achieved success! Gotta tell my mom

| Don't do this. My only joy in this website is trying to figure out whether the captcha said "cull" or "cum"

| >>570966 heh.. i've had three threads stickied before B-)

| >>571835 are you a god?

| >>571841 nah. That's totally pref. Only pref could have had so many threads stickied!

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This thread is permanently archived