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Gamer tag/name

| I am going to a bbtag tournament this month but i don't want to use my usual name can someg/u/rl think of something stupid but not too obvious or cringy for me?

| xXxPussySlayer69xXx

| >>569421
That's really good but, it's too generic and a little cringy.

Maybe go with something w little more /u/ inspired. Like callofburg,theburg27,justg/u/rlythings,and so on and so forth.

| why not just DangerousOpinions? then other people who've played valhalla but aren't g/u/rls will get it as well.

| JengaDropper87

| Some brainstorm ideas:


| >>569472 BestBoss +1

| >>569475

BestBoss +2

| We do vote now?

| >>569472
+3 for BestBoss
BattleG/u/rl is a pretty good one too.

| TamaWantsToBatoru

| I vote for BestBoss and MixDrinx. Gratest names ITT.

| Use "0xLunARic" so that you can become an admin on this site

| -1 for BestBoss because I plan to steal it

| >>569820
I doubt that is how becoming an admin works.

Also a plus 1+ for MixDrinx

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This thread is permanently archived