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Jackie Chan movies

| So! Apparently, my gurl has never seen a single movie with Jackie Chan. But when I was a kid, I was totally in love with him (no homo)! I want to show her some good movies with him, any suggestions? What are the best movies for a newbie? And what about the order?

| I almost forgot all of them, since the last time I saw anything with him was like 15-20 years ago except "The Karate Kid" - well, you know... Jaden Smith is ugh. I remember having a VHS with "Police Story", "Wheels on Meals", "Rumble in the Bronx" and "Rush Hour".

P.S.: This board could use a "movies" subboard

| I remember seeing Shanghai noon a ton as a kid. If you looking for Jakie Chan in a western. ( ^ω^)

| go kiss your girlfriend you bastard

| >>569245 who's saying I doesn't?

| You mean the nose guy?

| fun fact: wheels on meals was filmed in my city

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This thread is permanently archived