Ask the person below you a question #2

| Yes, we can have "ask person below 2".
Like the title says, respond to the question left by the last person and then leave your own question for the next person to answer.
First question: What's the weirdest food that you've made for yourself solely because you were bored and hungry?

| Made a sandwich out of crackers. Chewed the crackers for filling, and put that between 2 crackers.

How combustible is gender fluid?

| Combustible enough to suffer first degree burns from any jokes throw at a gender fluid person.

So, what grinds your gears?

| Politics

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

| What do you mean? African or European swallow?

| I don't know, but I respect g/u/rls of culture like you.
African or European swallow?

| I dont know either, but hey.

African or European swallow?

| Either swallow will do, I guess. They're both birds, and we all know birds aren't real

How often do you think about losing The Game?

| At least a few times a year
Why did we start the second thread before reaching the limit of the first?

| Because 250 is a great number to stop on.

What do you think of Google Stadia?

| It will probably fail hard, though Not as hard as Google glasses

What Type of conversation fits you the most? Describe it

| Talk about work
Like discussing tradeoffs for a proposed solution or new tech that could make the solution better
I'm terrible with anything personal :(

What's your favorite kind of pet? Cats? Dogs? Birds? Lizards? Arthropods? Fishes? Something else entirely?

| I grew up with a cat, but I'd really love to have a dog, especially a German SShepherd. If I could have a fox though I'd jump at the first opportunity.

You are just put in jail for a crime you didn't commit. In trying to think of how to escape (be it legally or illegally), who do you call for your one phone call?

| Pizza delivery.

Could you deliver a pizza to a jail?

| Where I live even smartphones are delivered to jails, a pizza is no biggie
Yes, I could
What's your guilty pleasure?

| Kids...

Do you like Logic (the rapper)?

| Never heard of him/her
Do you like "surreal entertainment" (the YouTube channel)?

| Not really why is that u.

if you nut but keep one smooth stroke and don't stop until you nut again is it one nut or a session?

| A session bc you still ejac

Has this kind of thread overstayed its welcome?

| Perhaps, I think we could continue on but it is harder to think of meaningful questions

Immortality or invincibility but you die when you're 80

| >>568683 invincibility, although if I make my own mental definition of 'harm' and the ability is connected to that, there'd be some weird shit going down. It's probably an objective power tho

What is death, besides the body losing its ability to maintain homeostasis, or is that all there is to it? What about being Dead Inside(tm)?

| (ahem. Don't know how I mentioned 568683, sorry g/u/rl)

| Death is a Real, an unchangeable truth. Can't be properly explained with words (Symbolic) or images (Imaginary), and what we think we "understand" of it is just a Reality, so was the Geocentric Model at some point in history. Something we thought we understood.

Feeling dead inside can be various things, from severe cases of depresion, to Cotard's Syndrome.

Would you like a cup of tea?

| Yes
Who is turning the frogs gay?

| Aliens.

Would you fuck your homie?

| My homie's a great guy, but I wouldn't fuck him. That'd be gay.

What nationality are you born and would you change it if you could?

| Pakistani and no I wouldn't

Would you ever try to become a trap if given the opportunity?

| Have before.

How do you like your Nachos?

| Dipped in blood
Blood dip is the truth
Blood dip brings us together
Stab someone
Dip nachos in their blood

Will you join the illuminachos?

| Fuck sake. No.

How many children have you slain?

| None yet, but I'm working on it.

Do you prefer short questions and answers or long questions and answers for the question thread?

| Long questions have the capability of being more interesting I feel, but it really depends on the quality of question

Did you watch e3 advd what did you like the most of what you saw

| Honestly I'm waiting mostly for Nintendo's turn to start. Though Keanu Reeves reveal and him on stage for Cyberpunk 2077 was entertaining.

On the topic of video games, what platform for gaming do you think is best?

| PC master race. But seriously: consoles come and go, mobile gaming is inexistent, so... Yeah. PC is the way to go

What would your reaction be if you had a Jewish friend with whom you went to Israel and in the middle of the fucking street he starts cracking genocide jokes?

| I would carefully ask if it is ok to crack genocide jokes

What is your favourite boardgame?

| If you count card games then it's Magic the Gathering. If you don't, then I'm not sure I have one. I never really play board games that aren't card games.

Should people only be judged by actions, or is it ok to judge people on their looks and/or sexual attractions?

| Although mostly the former, it also depends on what the reason is for. People are attracted to sexually what they are, (for example someone being into red heads). Though character matters, everyone has their preferences.

What are you up to at the moment?

| trying to find a Sowilō rune ASCII.
can you post a Sowilō rune ASCII?

| I don't even know what that is.

What stupidly dangerous stunt would you atempt if someone paid you the right amount to do it?

| 9/11

What is the last thing you'd use as sex toy?

| Last thing I would use a sex toy? Or last thing I used as a sex toy? I would say the absolute line would be anything that would be a joke dildo I buy for shits and giggles and just have it sitting on my desk and then eventually get curious and end up putting myself in the hospital.

Oil, electricity,brick,or heart?

| Brick

Would you prefer daddy or papa

| I'm called "daddy" by my wife and "papa" by my daughter.

A genie can make you grow your dick, but using only the mass you have on your dick currently. So you can elongate your dick, but it gets thinner. With the same logic, it gets girthier if you choose to shorten it.

What's your pick? Elongated but thin or shortened but thick?

| Neither. I thought it said glow.

What kind of genie follows the laws of physics while doing magic?

| Linguini

Between contributing and shitposting which one do you most often do on danger/u/?

| I try to only contribute. It seems like all anyone wants to do is shitpost though, so maybe I'll just stop.

Do you think this board has gotten worse from a couple months ago, or am I just pessimistic?

| It does seem like it has gotten a little worse. Notice alot less wholesome threads and there seems to be like 2/3 trolls spamming racist things constantly to just irk everyone. Hope they end up leaving.

Anything you looking forward to in the future? Like future technology or some event?

| Mostly, I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and N1RV ANN-A. In real life, I'm looking forward to hopefully getting a real lab job, or at least university research. Technology-wise: genetically engineered catgirls.

Have you gotten anything interesting in the mail in the past year, or is it all junk ads and online shopping? Do you think email is going the same way as snail mail, outside of professional use?

| Well, no, my email mostly consists of adult ads and such junk as: "howtomake money on the internet for dummies". Actually the most interesting mail I got this year is an ad asking me if I wanted my dick to be so big that I couldn't sit straight.
It's hard to tell cuz I don't really use snail mail, except for gettin' bdays gifts from my uncle abroad.

Think of a person with whom you would like to spend your whole life. Doesn't matter if he's your BFF or GF/BF, but what is he like?

| She's a kind and fully self-aware mother of four who's into music and painting. She's the only person Iv'e met that understands me without me having to explain myself and vice versa. We really like eachother but had to end our relationship because she's heavily into swinging and I'm not. I never seem to truly get over her though so we never hang out anymore.

What's the name of your favorite cyberpunk book (if you have none a movie or video game is fine too)?

| I Robot

What would you like to do with your dead body? Cremation or something different?

| Give all useful organs to people who need em and then do the viking burial thing
You know, that one where you send the body on a boat and burn the boat

Would you rather have magic or robotic parts?

| I'd have magic and just turn my body into robotic parts using magic.

What if we see different colours?

| We probably do. I'm colour blind.

How many goblins is the perfect amount?

| >>570168


how many lights are there?

| There... are... four... lights!
And no amount of Cardasian torture can tell me any different.

"For he did not know. That beyond the lake he called home. Lies a deeper darker ocean green. Where waves are both wilder and more serene. To its ports I've been. To its ports I've been. Do you understand?"

| >>570192

Yes, I think I do... it's not a lake though. It's an OCEAN. I'm also glad you got the Star Trek reference. ^^

What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up up it goes, and yet never grows?

| My penis.

What would a goblin threesome look like?

| Green
What is the first oath?

| The first oath we take is 'let's all love lain'

Why oh why would you let this thread die?

| Because I don't want to answer my own question
What's you dream?

| To finish my studies and begin working one year from now. Then I have successfully crawled myself out of a decade of NEETdom.

Have you ever had a psychedelic trip?

| Not this far in my life.

If you are a smash fan, what character not in the game is your all time choice to get in?

| Cooking Mama. No question.

If you were offered the chance get isekai'd into a generic isekai world, would you take it?

| Only if I could bring my friends with me and they consented to it.

What is your honest opinion on Fortnite?

| I played it for like 2 hours with the boys and found it pretty boring tbh

Have you ever eaten Hawaiian pizza?

| Pineapple does not go on pizza

What is your favorite pizza

| No joke, Hawaiian pizza.

Why no people not like pineapple on pizza? It's so good!

| You wouldnt eat pizza with kiwi or Apple would you?

Have you visited any conventions? If so, which one(s) and how was it?

| >>571147
I remember going to a science convention once with my dad. Managed to ask the myth busters what their favorite food was after waving my arm around like crazy for like 10 minutes because I was waaaay in the back of the crowd. I remember that Adam said that he liked eggs because they were such a versitile food.

Your family ever do something that is really weird to most people but, completely normal to them?

| >>571147
(Maybe not apple, but kiwi sounds kind of good.)

| Pineapple on pizza is glorious when the weather is too warm for proper meals. It's too bad that some people will never experience it.

| >>571201

Should I hold hands in my second date?

| If things Go smoothly and both are Sure that its working Out then Sure

Please dont skip questions, its rude.
Just answer this question from >>571155
Your family ever do something that is really weird to Most people but, completely normal to them?

| >>571206 >>571155 We eat ramen by crushing it first, whereas my friends do not break it up before cooking, and I prefer the latter

> Look how they massacred my boy

| What is the worst food you've ever eaten in your life?

| My dad used to make pasta with cashews,rasisns,and cinnamon was not a great combo. It was terrible. Though the absolute worst was when he made me eat a tomato out his garden but,it was rotten and I could not swallow it because my gag reflex kept getting in the way. Could never eat raw tomato since and still find it hard to eat.

Have you lost your virginity and if so how was it?

| I haven't lost my virginity yet. At this rate, I don't know if I ever will either.

You are given $10 million dollars which you can use without restraint or any worries. What would you spend the money on?

| Not starving, I guess. Used to not have money, nor parents that could give things I wanted, learned to waste little, ask nothing, and search free.

What was question number 8 from this thread?

| >>571295
Goddammit. I lost at it again. Thanks.

If you can be with anyone (fictional, from the past, anyone) who would it be?

| Opposite sex me. And I don't mean my sibling, so FBI don't break in please.

How can I efficiently clean an LP so I don't hear any pop, assuming it's undamaged yet ?

| Use a brush specifically made for records and use that while the record is spinning. And make sure you have a new high quality clean needle. But if the record is too damage, there's no way to really repair it.

I'm excited for Baldur's Gate 3. Have you ever played any of the pc baldur's gates?

| I played the beginning of the two BG games but I find the manual pausing stressfull. I'm sure I would've loved them if they were properly turnbased. After the BG3 reveal I've been thinking of giving them another go.

Which game should I host for danger/u/? I brought up Xonotic and Morrowind online but no one seemed to be interested.

| Try hostint more common games like CSGO or fuckin fortnite lmao

What VNs like VA-11 HALL-A would you suggest to an anon like me?

| Nekopara. It's amazing. Just give it a try. You won't regret bit.

Anyone here played Opus Magnum, and if you have, is it any good? It looks really good.

| Nope havent played it sorry

How long does it usually take before a thread gets locked over inactivity or some shit?

| 48 hours but you can request to have it unlocked if you still have something to contribute.

What's the ASCII code for the asterix and what book does it reference?

| The code is 42(decimal) or 2A(hexadecimal) or 0011 1010 (binary)
I dont know what book it references, though....

What's your favorite book?

| Not my favourite, but the reference I believe was to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. My favourite book is probably one of the Monogatari books. Hard to choose an exact one though. Maybe Nisemonogatari.

| How's your day?

| It's been rather nice. Got the confirmation that i got my "high school graduation" in the bag with a grade Point average of 2.2 (i googled to find out what it was called) otherwise ive Just been chillin.

What are your current favorite Channels on YouTube and why?

| Nowadays I mostly watch game playthroughs with no commentary. But I do happen to enjoy a lot of animators: like Scott Falco, TerminalMontage, Circletoons, etc. Random videos here and there too. Gaming is my biggest hobby, so no surprise the animators I like have a huge focus on that.

Where do you place yourself in the console wars? Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo vs PC Master Race (Stradia is a joke).

| At the risk of being the literal embodiment of the 'btw I use Arch' meme: Arch Linux. I've used it with m+kb, controllers, and a wiimote and dance pad now. Some of the bigger, fancier games don't work so well, but I don't own many, and Steam Play / Proton is actually pretty solid for windozer-only games. If I had to pick, though, Nintendo, just for the portability of the switch + exclusives like splatoon.

What do you do to make money/survive capitalism?

| I am a developer and I love my job it's more like living than surviving and I wish more people could find jobs they love like I did

Why are people so averse to the idea of working?

| Many people are lazy, but there are things like jobs arent worth the pay that make people dislike work.

Especially with people earning through the digital space doing nowadays, corporate jobs just dont sit well with people. Even with online revenue or some shit, it ain't easy catching a break because everyone's got a gimmick.

At least thats what i think

Why are many jokes centred around suicide/death/mainly edgy jokes?

| >>572091
because it's black humor, it's meant to be shocking.
i would prefer it if people cracked jokes when i told them about my issues instead of becoming funeral-level serious, that just makes it worse.

| >>572145
woop my question: your favourite gun?

| The P90, I love the way its design is different from the usual gun

Do you like guns?

| >>572166
yeh. where would you hide during the apocalypse?
did i just sound like a gun nut

| >>572170 I would hide out im the beginning at my house. Just hunker down for a while..I have some guns so I should be relatively fine and my family has tons of food due to them being obese. I would then move to the mountains/hills after a while to Hopefully start a farm and use the natural environment as a defensive fortification to which I can build off of. Also help as many people as I can without compromising myself.

Should I start a stream on some old ps2 games I have?

| >>572173
>have some guns
>obese family
>live near hills
>let's start a farm
yer a dixie boy aintcha?
>start stream
only if you want to, passion is the most important thing eh. jontron is on the topic too, right? and there's this french dude who does the same, Joueur du grenier. check him out?

| >>572174
qwestshn. what languages do you speak?

| Spanish and English
What happened on your last relationship?

| Didn't have one. I considered dating a friend once when he suggested it, then found out he called me ugly behind my back days later. Ended before it started.

What's your biggest "legitimate" or rational fear?

| Future in general and tech getting too "big", like mass automation, people getting replaced by robots everywhere and ending up having nothing to do, the possible oligarchy since only few people, corps will be needed to maintain the bots, where politics in general are headed nowadays, and cybersecurity loses.

Favorite methods to lower stress?

| Posting edgy shit on the internet, going on murder sprees in sandbox games and shooting my toy gun

What color is your mind?

| There are 3 answers I thought of:
Black is like the 'default' color I see when I'm imagining visually without a clear image to visualize or when there's a 'transparent' part.
Thinking about green gives me a closer feeling to thinking about my mind than any color. However, 'green' is not in any way how my mind it colored, it's just a metaphor.
Physically, it's probably greyish pink.

Have you ever read a metaphor in a book or such that you thought was really accurate? What book?

| I can't remember any particular cases of it happening, but if it didn't appeal to me personally in a way like that, I probably wouldn't still be reading. Although I suppose if I thought it was REALLY accurate I would remember a specific book and quote.

I skipped through the thread so apologies if repeat question. What do you look forward to lately? How come?

| I'm looking forward to going on a trip to my cabin in the woods with my closest friends. Mainly because I love my friends and living in the woods together for a week sounds like fun, and we'll hopefully grow even closer together.

Do you enjoy surrealistic media? Why or why not?

| I do, I think it's amusing. Sometimes we need to think of something outlandishly ridiculous to humor ourselves.

What are your plans for today?

| Just chilling, maybe playing Something with Friends, nothing exciting.

Whats going on with Trump and American political Side?
Heard some weird stuff

| I'm not American but I heard he tried to support LGBTQALPHABETDANAZANEBESTBOSS and was accused of a racist ploy and then started kicking out immigrants with "freedom capitalism", tried to defend free speech in universities with black people safe areas and helps more foreign countries with oil than his own, helped Putin's ploy to take over the world and he's orange.
US seems like a crazy circus to me...
Why is USA so weird?

| Why is the USA so weird? It's a pretty complicated answer. It mostly stems from the fact that we are really big as a nation and are a bit of an empire(in decline) and the culture we have developed. It also has a little to do with the fact that we are on the other side of the world and away from the old world.(to be honest this question is too hard to answer in one post so I am give a very brief breakdown)

What book do you suggest I read?

| Depends on what kind of books you like. If you want something fun that fucks around with some really cool concepts I recommend either Kizumonogatari (dark prequel without spoilers) or Bakemonogatari 1 (first book).
If you like well written horror I really recommend Hammer on Bones.

You like manga?

| So-so. I like most of the stories they have but they're so easy to accidentally read too quickly. That ruins the pacing. Also, black and white can be a little confusing for me sometimes.

What time do you and/or want to wake up?

| I'm pretty lucky, I just need to wake up a few days in a row at the same time, and I'll be waking up at this time, provided I at least get 4 hours of sleep. It doesn't mean I slept enough, but at least I'm not late... I currently awake at 7am.
I want to wake up at 6am. I need a lot of sleep to be at my best, so going to bed at 10pm is mandatory to start a good day for me.

So, tell me how long you can hold your breath for ?

| Just checked. 56 Seconds

Since this thread is pretty much inactive, should we officially close this thread?

| no

do you lean to the left or to the right politically?

| Right, but don't mistake me for the idiots who blame the jews for everything.
Would you rather be a hero or a Yakuza?

| I want to say hero, but Yakuza honestly makes more sense. Heroes require to be completely noble and selfless, and the term is also subjective on who or what I decide to serve.

What are some trends you predict to see 50 years from now?

| I'm not sure when but I believe we'll see another wave of 80s nostalgia from the people growing up now in the future, so we'll see nostalgia for an era of nostalgia

Have you played daggerfall?

| No, but it does look intresting
Do you believe our ancient ancestors were visited by aliens?

| Maybe Probably, many unsolved mysteries can be fooled by this excuse.

What's your opinion on Huawei?

| I have no opinion on the matter, What is your favorite track from this app?

| On the app, it's Believe in Me Who Believes in You. But in game I also like Skyline a lot. And both versions of Base of The Titans.

Considering VA-11 HALL-A is doing a crossover right now with another game, what franchises would you love to see a hypothetical crossover of?

| cyberpunk 2077 would be a great one,but unlikely. i'd like to see more stuff with read only memories.

who is your favourite character in va-11 hall-a

| Dorothy.

Is there a game you'd want a Va-11 Hall-A crossover in that's more realistic than Cyberpunk 2077(2077 crossover would be awesome though)?

| I've only played Persona 5, but it'd be pretty awesome to play out the life of a cyberpunk bartender, rather than a highschool student and be able to level up your stats by interacting with the world. It's really not more realistic to happen but I think from a gameplay standpoint it wouldn't be too unrealistic to take the mechanics of Persona 5, and mash it with Va-11 Hall-A's characters and setting.

If you could force one thing into popularity, what would it be?

| Empathy

Who do you most respect?

| Myself.

What's your guilty pleasure?

| Orgasms. 3 a day.

Have you killed a person?

Also, unrelated, but my captcha this time was `chuck kmart enema`

| Nope, I don't think I've killed anyone.

Where were you on the evening of June 17, 2019?

| At my house,losing 45 match in a row in bbtag but never give up

How much do you hate gacha in video game

| Gacha is terrible, it's a highly addictive form of gambling.

Do you like to travel or stay home?

| Depends on where id be travelling honestly. If its just within my shithole country, might as well sit at home. Overseas? Now that's travelling.

If you date a girl with 8 split personalities, is it cheating on 1 with 7?

| depends on how you look at it

is it possible for a human to see more colours than the ones others see?

| Yes, in fact studies point that women can see more colors than men and some people can see colors that are impossible for your average person, like a bluish yellow, the common brain makes it look green but it's actually a different color that only some rare individuals can see.

Have you burned your fingerprints already?

| Mine aren't burnt off right now but I've done it by accident while glass blowing. Apparently they do heal.
As to the 'seeing more colors' some people are born w/ something called tetrachromacy where they have a fourth range of color. It's much more common in females than in males but it's super rare that the fourth cone is fully functional. That would be like having a monitor which displayed in red, blue, green, and some other color.
>ellie tap osaka

| Is there some strange 'fun-fact' subject that you know a lot of detail about when most people wouldn't? Can you teach us a little bit?

| I know how to open a beer bottle with a screwdriver. You'd think you can just pry it open but the shape of the bottle neck doesn't allow for it, so what you do is you loosen it in four or more places by placing the tip between the cap and the bottle and rotating it loosing the grip of the bottle cap on the glass and once you've done it - the most satisfying part: you hold the screwdriver by the "shank"(part between the tip and the handle) and pop the cap out with a stafying sound.

| If you had a totally identical clone of yourself, what would you do with it?

| Get a plastic surgery so I look different from it, a man's gotta do everything in his power to avoid the mexican drama "evil clone stole your wife" sort of situation.

Do you like Google?


What is your favourite place to travel to?

| I never really travel to the same places multiple times, but from the two times I've been there I like Oslo. It's not a place I could really see myself living in, but it's 10x more convenient than the rest of Norway and has a lot of stores, places and activities that you don't really see anywhere else here. I'd love to just live there for a week or two with some friends and just explore the city.

Do you enjoy loli hentai? If not, do you enjoy loli characters (in a non-sexual way)?

| No I'm not fond of loli hentai(unless it's yuri and both girls are lolis) but I love loli characters, I feel like I should protect them and care for them

Do you miss the old internet?

| Not really. What I do miss about the old Internet is how you truly 'surfed' the web whereas nowadays people stick to a few websites they visit daily. It's like bookmarks replaced the whole surfing aspect of the net.

I used to find all kinds of weird personal websites and photos of hot goth babes in the late 90s and early 00s. Nowadays everything is replaced with communities and porn. Shitsux

| Do you like goth babes the best? Keep in mind that there's a right and a wrong answer to this question.

| Goth in appearance but not in personality. Overwhelming edginess grinds my gears, I don't know how anyone could have so much negativity all the time. Like dark gothic Lolita type dresses, as well as fishnets, heavy eyeliner, all black clothing, dyed hair. I fuck with all that kinda shit.

If you could go back in time and change anything, what would it be?

| I'd kidnap baby Hitler, baby Stalin and baby Mao and make them grow up as Hawaiians.
Why Hawaiians? Because they are a chill people.

Do you think martial arts can beat guns?

| If the distance between the two is far
the gun win
but if in the room
martial arts is very powerful

if one day
the Rape is legal
Who do you most want to rape first?

| The people that decided that raping is okay

What do you think about the "Pokemon sword and shield, Gamefreak is lazy" Dilemma?
>hans boy plays

| I think they're cutting content in an attempt to release the game without delay, hopefully it flops and they stop cutting corners.

What is your strongest point and why did you apply for this job?

| I can adapt to all kinds of situations, and I apply to jobs because capitalism is a prison that I currently reside in.

If you could travel through time in a phone booth and meet one historical figure, who would it be?

| Lazy is a wrong word, we forget how labour intensive games are and not all of this effort is perceivable. Blah-blah-blah crunch, blah-blah-blah please don't be mean to gamedevs blah-blah-blah and now I'm late for the reply. Anyway, don't think pokemon fans mind the the formula but I wish nintendo weren't being such a big bitch with the copyrights. Independent fangames would perfectly fill the niche.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME THRERS NOW TWO REPLIES FUCK FUCK FUCC

| Christ, I'd give him a slap in the face and then go back right after and bathe in the horrible butterfly effect repercussions
Objectively best icecream?

| >>573848
Christ would just turn the other cheek.
Best ice cream is Spumoni, it's got the variety of Neapolitan but without the constraint of traditional flavors.
What societal change would you most like to see within the next couple years?

| Feminism not being a joke. People who are less fortunate than others getting equal opportunity but without the tokenism, pandering to special groups and pointless speculation of modern politics.
What's your stance on smoking and how it is generally treated in your country?

| It's bad for the lung and it's bad in general. It's treated as something completely okay by everyone though, in contrast to weed, which would 100% land you a death sentence for smuggling them.

What do you think of recent sequels and remakes being made for old movie franchises?

| They feel lazy a lot of times. They range in quality but lots of them seem to land on the worst possible division between 'like the original' and 'new and interesting'. That happened especially the trend that happened a couple years ago with the live action reboots of old fairytale animated movies. They might even have been better if they just redid every scene exactly how the original did, like live action GITS did.

Which board on here other than /u/ is the BEST?

| I frequent /v/ a lot. Just wish it would be more active.

How do you usually kill time during the night?

| Play a chill game, programming, or learning about something be that game mechanics or something technical

Do you think school gives a bad taste to learning for a lot of people, and did it for you?

| Nope, it didn't. I think because it was too ez. University did.
And yep, forced learning is very bad. Like my Japanese lessons with tyrant teacher. Had taken a year off but don't know if I wish to learn it anymore.

Have you played Running With Rifles? Searched the game like this for ages (playing as a unit in strategy game, but have versitile choices about equipment AND units under command, if you want AND stealth capabilities)

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