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Wholesome Thread

| A lot of us including myself around this board seem to have issues with depression, or be in hard times. Thus, I thought why not post things in a board to make others smile?




Feel free to add! Cheer up g/u/rls!


| I approve, and last Pic is so cute

| https://bit.ly/2MD97bq

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also why the fuck is the captcha filled with sandnigger words. i've had 'islam', 'meccah', and 'mosque' so far. what the fuck you prefetcher cunt

| >>568477 you can call everyone a nigger and complain about the captcha but leave pref out of this

| >>568478
hello prefetcher

| Nigga, that's so faggotty

| Why are horrible people always drawn to the most well-meaning friendly threads? Why do the hateful only understand how to destroy?

| Have a good day

| Fucking fuckers!
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| Nobody in this thread said it, but thank you OP. Smiling more is what I really need nowadays *hugs*

| What'a the deal with all the trolls?
Is this some kind of fantasy chat thread?

| >>568731 well,we must fight back with the only way we know how. With showing kindness and wholesomeness towards them. They probably have not gotten enough affection.

| Nigger

| https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5960e82bd9732 this. 3 seconds of whatever the fuck that was. Have this bookmarked for whenever someone makes me mad and I need to vent off anger quickly

| >>569295 poor nigga Jon....

| >>569243
Why not just show niceness to each other who are nice and don't receive enough of it, as opposed to throwing that niceness onto trolls who will ignore the attempt?

Then if they want niceness they can join us in being nice...

| >>569568 yo nigga, now you're part of the problem you damn faggot

| ࿕ ࿕ ࿕ ࿕ ࿕ ࿕

| >>569594 Jews did 911 and that makes me sad.

| Ever wondered what jpeg actually stands for? It's an acronym for the Jewish Pornography and Erotica Group, one of the biggest hentai groups in the world.

| >>569789

| >>569789 Actually ExDee

| >>569568 because being kind is generally fairly easy to do especially when you get into the hang of it.

| >>569295 so, why isn't anyone talking about my nigga jon?
May his soul rest in peace, the bravest nigga ever who died in the name of science putting his dick in an oscillating fan

| hello i am here to say that you can do it

| >>570082 hush it's rude to discuss the memories of those who did such great justice for the world.

>>569568 I'd hope that being nice to the trolls might help them realize that its possible to have a pleasant exchange with anybody but I'm not sure they're actually capable anymore.

| >>570082 My man, I'm glad that someone realises what length this man went to give us entertainment

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