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what the fuck, mods?

| what is your fucking problem? why are you censoring people?
do you stand for or against free speech?

in one thread i read 'REDACTED' (https://dangeru.us/u/thread/562505) and you also use automatic word filters if i'm not completely mentally asleep. you might think these are tiny things but they infringe on the principle of freedom of expression as a whole, something that the entire internet stands for.
btw, being a nigger faggot has been my greatest pride so don't censor that pls.



| >>562868 hey, transnigger whitefaggot this is not a bastion of free speech they once censored the word 'love' on /new/ and replaced it with 'white supremacy'
Good thing theu reverted it but it was annoying

| Hey newfag, the OP of that thread "redacted" their own text using the spoiler text command- the only boards that have any active word filtering are /news/ and /test/. Also, for your information, freedom of speech only protects you from the government throwing you in jail- in theory- while private entities can do whatever the fuck they like with their own websites. You don't have any rights here outside of what's written in the rules, so get your head out of your ass.

| Incidentally, you are free to be as much of a nigger faggot as you like- or a white trans jew nigger faggot cis nazi vegan supremacist atheist pagan. There are plenty of varieties of snowflake to choose from.

| OP most likely censored it herself because she wasn't comfortable sharing why her dad was arrested, just ask the OP of that thread to see if it was indeed intentional instead

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This thread is permanently archived