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(Setting) The Space Slums

| >you never thought you'd be here, living this life, but you are.

>the year is 204X. Colonies on the Moon and Mars are common and set up similar to Earth's llargest cities.

>a tourism bot was hijacked and lies on the ground in an alley, half assembled, malfunctioning, dying.

"Greetings traveller-er-er to your new home. What's your story?" The robot stutters in an off-key metallic voice.

| I've moved this to /u/ since its a separate setting entirely from the rest of /cyb/, which is loosely based in the VA-11, Hall-a universe. Someone mentioned making a DnD game in an earlier thread, so this would be a good start.

| >Are we male, female, or yes?

| >I pick up the tourism bot and dress it up
"You're my new son now!"

| >>562955 yes

>>562954 thank you

>>562957 >the tourism bot briefly pauses before stating

"Thank you for the compliment, traveller!"

| (looks like a mod made a fucky wucky)

| (are the mods high or something? This does not belong in /u/ no matter how random the content is)

| (But I love it! I can finally feel like posting in /cyb/, but without the fear of doing something wrong

| >I went into a cafe with my new son in my hands
>A few people start starring at me
I go to the counter and order a coffee ...a black coffee

| "Can I have a cup? "
>My son replies with an excited smile.

"Yes, but I have to tell my friends I'm here. Oh! Did you hear of this place? The new tourism colony... it was set up this way!"
>I pick up the tourism bot again, then give it a shake, then a hug.

| >the cafe attendant looks at you and the bot skeptically, then sighs and walks over

"Hey man, I think you might have gotten lost. If you can't tell, this isn't the tourism part of things. But I guess if the scrappers and deckers don't send you to the pawn shop or hospital, then you're welcome to stick around for a while. That being said, would you like to order?"

| "I would like to have a black coffee. I assume, you don't have any drink for bots?"
>I say with a laugh
"Also, if you think, I'm confused or something, I'm not, just a bit lonely, I guess!"

| >A guy of 185cm wearing a thong and a psychedelic Hawaiian shirt stares at you from a distance.

>He slowly sips coffee from a 1x1 meter cup.

| >When you look closely, you notice that he has several tattoos.
>He takes a sip.
"Yeah, I've been wanting some coffee lately."
>He whispers to himself.
>He speaks in a Hawaiian accent.

| (Oh! Wow. Didn't realize we were all controlling the same characters. I guess I'm too used to /cyb/.)

| >>563726 (I'm sorry, I don't know how this usually goes
I guess, we can all choose a certain character, if you want)

| >>563735
(No no. I don't mind at all.)

| That actually makes it more fun, >>563726

| >As the guy stares at you, the sun begins to set.
>It's still cold as hell outside, but the morning light is brightening up the dark city in the distance.
>You take a sip from your cup of coffee and can hear some of the people walking outside from several kilometers away.

| >A triangular robot on four wheels drive past the cafe. It's two largest panels have built-in screens in them that show two different advertisements, both advertising Nogurt.

>The robot is a fairly old model, which probably is to be expected in this part of town. The product line it's advertising, Nogurt, actually stopped production 5 years ago, which leaves you wondering how the poor bot still isn't scrapped, and even more surprising, still functioning on it's own.

| "Nogurt, huh? I remember loving that stuff back in the day, I wonder why they stopped selling it"
>I whisper to myself.

>I turn around to cafe attendant and ask them
"Hey, is there anything I should know about this area? Also where would be the best place to stay for me? Something cheap would be nice."

| (Am I getting crazy or was this thread closed a while ago? I appreciate it staying open though)

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