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b/c pissy phones got the other thread deleted: WHERE2COP The good meds

| Look, we're talking the racehorse level antidepressants and medical obesity pills for appetite suppressing and honestly any emergency emetic that won't taste like the charcoal stuff.

WHERE THE HECK TO GET? I don't think I can get any safe and reliable intel out of the 420chan stoners and thats thr only place I know to ask.

After all I'm a good and upstanding g/u/rl of decent moral fiber, I just need to fix what these weak ass baby level prescriptions aren't healing after 8 years.

| LMAO autocorrect
Well, y'all know I meant -phobes
Because they shat up the last thread and don't qualify as people

| I have a friend who got some strong anti-depressant shit that makes his appetite fucking piss poor. I'll ask the name sometime later for ya, all I know is that that shit pumps you full of dopamine

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This thread is permanently archived