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I have no redeeming qualities AMA

| Maybe I'll answer, maybe I won't

| why make thread

| >>562635 cause it's pointless like me

| What your favorite melted ice cream?

| >>562654 any flavor as long as it's freshly melted

| Why do you think you have no redeeming qualities?

| >>562674 because I'm a fool with no friends nor lovers
Every time I try to get close to someone I end up driving them away

| What's your hobby?

| Of all your non-redeeming qualities which would you say is the closest to being a redeeming one?

| >>562680 card games, books and single player videogames
>>562684 I know how to do my job well enough to not get fired

| >>562675
You don't need to define your success by relationships my guy. Plus there's always a chance to make connections. I don't know the specifics of your life but usually people find other people they can vibe with.

| Ok, you somehow in a converstation with a stranger, he/she is also a singleplayer games. You are having a good converstation with them about games; when suddenly they mentioned their fav, 10/10, singleplayer games that turns out to be the game that you hate the most. After hearing that, you seriously reconsider whether or not you should keep talking with this person. What is that game?

| OP i want to fuck you

| >>562759 I can only think of two games that would cause such a strong reaction from me and I doubt anyone would ever call either a masterpiece, Mighty no.9 and Final Fantasy XIII

| >>562876
On Mighty no.9 I think everyone would agree, but I've seen a lot of people who genuinely love FFXIII quite a bit.

| Your parents are cousins

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This thread is permanently archived