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Best prank for people who hates cops?

| My dad was arrested 3 years ago all thanks to me when i saw his true nature: He's a fucking REDACTED I called CPS on him and my mom was so pissy she tried to turn my life into hell, fortunately i managed to run away and live with my other close relative. But now i'm a bit up for some prank as a revenge for everything he did to me and my mother, his weak point is his hatred for cops and i notice that he gets so mad when i talk about it. Best way to piss him off?

| Ok spoiler fucked the entire text cool.
You may be wondering why my mom's pissy about it? that's how toxic relationships work. She always cry when he REDACTED and always wished for his death but now she's supporting him after all the shit he put through us. Humans are weird

| be a cop

| Be a law abiding citizen and flaunt to the cops how they can't arrest you because you broke no laws

| Oh sorry, I misread and thought you were the one who hated cops....
Then do what >>562512 said

| Best prank? Lemme see...

How about you pranked him into believing that he obeys the law. It will piss him big time.

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This thread is permanently archived