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Welp, Game of Thrones is over

| Gg.

I know alot of people hated this season but I thought it was aight, though I did find the last episode quite disappointing.
Danny went out like shit and I really don't like Jon's conclusion

Sigh, it was fun while it lasted.

| Watched the last season with my roommates. Fucking hell it was so stupid, can't understand why so many people love this

| Honestly I think was only popular for the sexual content
The story feels too forced

| I never watched it
How serious is the story? Shows that take themselves to serious bore me

| I'm only watching it for the tits.

| and another cable company fades away.

| This season was all the more reason to seppuku if the last two books never drop.

| i'm happy that it died

| I liked it up to 3 episodes. Still satisfied. Didn't end too bad. Maybe Jon should have become the king or at least give Danny a chance.

| F

juan cocks room

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This thread is permanently archived