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Fuck /u/

| Whatever you type in this thread will be screenshotted and put as my lockscreen picture

Go wild fuckers

| I don't want to be on your lockscreen

| text your mother today

| Stay Hydrated

| la pija es algo que se gana, asi q hoy me siento un ganador

| hang in there anon you will be dead soon enough

| Fuck you too

| el once de septiembre fue un trabajo interno

| Captcha: semen pansy pence
Enought said :P

| Consent first, Senpai!

| Go dye ypur breath in the future stone of the stolen goods
You sloppy poet from a gutter's mound

| I eat my cousin's ass for dinner.

| soykaf person of african descent

| I'm just happy you fuckers stopped posting /u/ content IN NEWS
>dolly snips penes

| How are you gonna fit this whole thread on your lockscreen, though?

| >>561702 i'll find a way

| Hi mom im on a lockscreen

| >>561743 OP is your mom? Is she hot?

| you gonna put me in your lockscreen? pervert<3

| I just want to say, fuck you and everything you stand for, and anyone that has anything to do with you, you fucking slave, just keep wasting time and procrastinating like you always do, so we have even less people to worry about <3

| sleep well. nothing has any meaning. do your shit and sleep well

| Okay do it you wont

| No /u/

| >>a5f725 Your mom's way tighter, das foe sure

| Trans Rights!

| >>562251 go die in a fire you fucking tranny

| >>562252 you first! <3

| >>562256 I'm not a tranny, you go die

| >>562260 are you sure that you're not?

be honest.

| >>562262 no I won't fall for this idiotic brainwash that's kicking off the tranny trend
Go preach your values somewhere else, bitch

| >>562266 what makes it brainwashing, exactly?

| Deep♂Dark♂Fancy♂

| little girls are the best!

| I love you.

| >>562289
That hit right in the kokoro.

| I have a teacher called aydano and he looks like bill gates

| Hose mad

| Alright senpai. Since you asked, I want you to tie me up really reallly tight in your shibari rope until it hurts. Then leave me on your door step with a dildo in each of my holes so that everyone can see me shamelessly orgasm and cum till my panties are drenched in cum. After that, you can punish me for making the floor mat wet. I'll suck your dick while you leave the vibrator in my hole to the highest level and deny me of any climax. Spank me and whip me until I moan in pleasure.

| CAN I SUCK SOMEONE'S dick PLEASE thank you

| Anyone watch Nao Jinguji Negro Homestay? Really loved it when she yelped as the nigga pounded her from behind.

| trans rights are human rights

| >>562613 fuck you tranny bitch

| my dad hits me with jumper cables. this is a cry for help

| Nigger

| >>562509 holy fuck I'm hard

| Harder papa

| we

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This thread is permanently archived