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Why is Magic the Gathering so fucking good?

| I just love it. It's basically the perfect game. Like, no joke.

If you don't know this game, then do yourself a favor and either try it for free at a gamestore or download MtG Arena.

This is not an advertisement. Just pure love love for an amazing card game that has drastically improved my life and given me so much happiness!

| I used to like it as a casual thing to play with friends, but I found the tournament scene was too serious for me and gave up on it.

| But I'm glad you enjoy it!

| >>561549 is MtG Arena the phone game? My little bro was talking about it, or was it Hearthstone?

| >>561580
MtG Arena is for Windows. There is a Magic the Gathering phone game, but it's not that good. There's actually two, but the second one isn't really Magic. It just has the name.

Hearthstone on mobile is pretty good though.

I get that. I mostly play casually, and taking the game too seriously can definitely ruin some of the fun.

I'm very interested in game design though, so while I don't play very competitively, observing the competitive scene can be really cool.

| MtG is cool but I don't like the card collecting aspect. The game is too much about having the meta decks cause you spent the money for me. Drafting is fun, but cards cost a lot and all my friends stopped playing.

| I want to start, but most people I know that play take it seriously on a competitive and hate gimmick decks
One of the things I love the most in card games is building weird gimmick decks with oddly specific strategies

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It sounds like you would enjoy cube. A cube is basically a homemade card pool used for drafting. I recommend that you look into it.

If you really want to get into it, I highly recommend MtG Arena as it's probably the best way to learn the game.

If you like gimmicky decks and you enjoyed playing Arena, then you should find a local gamestore and ask for people who play commander. Commander is an extremely fun gimmick friendly format and sounds right up your alley.

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