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Scary as fk cos Im pussy

| Wish me a good luck guys. Tomorrow Im going to a new job.

P.s. I can't sleep two nights in a row. Send help and ex me4my bad español Т-Т

| try sleep pills maybe?

| Already tried. Ty

| >>561546 you got this g/u/rl, don't worry. They understand you're new, they will train you, introduce you etc. It will be fun! You'll be having so much fun you won't notice when it starts to be not fun until it's really really not fun. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

| >>561581 unless op lives in the U.S. of gAy then no one will be nice to her even if it is her first day

| >>561583 lol, why not? I mean, you have to give it a few days at least before you blacklist someone.

| >>561584 I like your optimism g/u/rl

| For some reason my friend gives me advice to stay cool and yay, it's works. Maybe this day will be not horrable at all.

P.s. duno who and how, but thank you guys.
You're pretty good!

| you will fail, life isn't worth the effort, do drugs and live under a bridge.

| >>561700 *van *by the river

| fuck you and your job
good luck, i know you can do it

| So how did it go OP

| That was a super puper duper nice day. Feel like Im winner ^-^. Now you can call me barman. It's time to tells people about 1 000 000 000 variations of beer and change lives ahahaha. See ya anons♡

| >>561904 yaaay! good going, g/u/rl, I'm glad it worked out. ganbatte!
>sties grill kasai

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