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What's your most embarassing secret.

| hose mad

| That I have no idea what's hose mad

| That I'm still alive.

| >>561437 we have the same secret! I'm so embarrassed by it, but maybe we can help each other to overcome it...

| I've been learning to draw and practicing daily for about a year for the sole purpose of making weird fetish porn.

| >>561608 this is something I'd be proud of.

we out here practicin the >bowel homie ways

| >>561608 glibba, smame. im out here drawin shit just to be able to draw BIG TIDDIE ANIME WOMEN!

| I have no secrets other than my sexuality, which is a secret even to myself

| >>561608 >>561701 good job g/u/rls, keep up the good work. When you get good, start trying to invent new fetishes. The Japanese have a corner on the market. Just pick something and draw a dick on it, or have character fuck/get fucked by it in novel ways. I await the results.

| I'm secretly gay.

| >>561982 Honestly I think I like being secretly gay more than openly gay (actually pan but I'm stealin ya word). My good friends don't give a fuck but other people sometimes make this whole big thing about it and 'representing' me. I wouldn't call it virtue signalling-it's less emphatic than that-it's more that it just doesn't jibe with my shyness so well to be appreciated like that.
>retry hams elms

| I have a dick

| >>561613 that's a way to look at it, but just showing the normal shit I draw to a friend for the first time was very hard, if anyone found out about me drawing kinky stuff not necessarily because I'm just being paid to make it but because I'm into it I think I'd just die.
>>561986 what to heck

| >>561982 stop lying James, you're the only one who thinks that's a secret, even your wife, Jane, knows you're actually gay the only reason she didn't leave you is because she really loves you and is waiting for you to come clean and tell her the truth

| I want a surrogate father figure to take care of me and make all of my decisions for me so I never have to think about the outside world again

| I am Leeroy Jenkins....

| >>562052 for real? that woud be cool.

| >>562072 no, but I wish I was

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This thread is permanently archived