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It's the day that we all cuddle naked again

| Meet me at the same place as before, The cuddling will start at 10 PM

| oh maan but its so cold

| What if I had a boner considering how cold it is. Can I still hug?

| if it's cold the we can bring warm blankets

| >>561398
It won't be once we start cuddling. ;)

| >>561389 is the cuddling still going on? I missed it because of work! Hopefully there's still a small pile I can get in :c

>>561521 yea, that's why they say "cuddle together for warmth" :)

| Can you tell me the place again?

| >>561732 it's kind of over now, but it's a new day! We can start fresh at your house! I'll be over in a minute, tell your friends :)

| >>561751 Well, ok, I'm wating
Don't have any friends to call over though

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This thread is permanently archived