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Define your day

| Hoes mad

| meh

| People forget shit and blame you for things they agreed to early on the fucking project

| I overslept today and had to ride a bike in the rain, but other than that everythings fine

| >>561374 fuck your life.

| Mercifully uneventful

| woke up today with split second rage as if i stepped on the pointy end of a lego. Must have something to do with my dream...

| >>561591 go onnnnn...

| There's been a cloudy spell herefor the past two days and it's activating my seasonal depression, even though it's the start of summer here. Looks like the clouds are burning off now, though, so tomorrow should be better.

| Woke up after a night of high fever and watching YouTube videos to pass the time until I my cold gets better...I really wanna go out for some food but I'm so lazy ugh lol

| Didn't get a promotion and wasted money on children's cardgames to drown my sorrows

| Today I had a very good day. I got to hang out with friends from my choir all night. I also met one of my online friends for the first time ever, which was weird but fun. Now I'm having a comfy bath and a relaxing witching hour. I hope all of you had a good day and an even better tomorrow!
>jesse unfit cuba

| My day was full of mad hoes again. hoes mad
>>561433 hoes mad

| My day had chcolate. It should not have had chocolate.

| >>562020 love you too.

| Shit

| struggling to cope with eternal sad and lonely, also wageslaving, and telling other sad and lonelies how to cope

| Slowly becoming a normie.

| Hose mad

| Woke up at 9am, stayed in bed with my phone listening some song on soundcloud
It was too late to have breakfast but i kinda prepared coffee with milk rly fast kinda stalth way
Then got back into my room and studied, recorded a song with my guitar, then i left and started reading a book about biblioteconomy idk the name in eng, i'm going to the college to become a librarian so i read about it because i have to read it til tomorrow
Then spent time with my bf til recently, then here

| I prepared coffee quickly because if my family sees me waking up late and having breakfast late i get to listen to a 2 hour long ted talk about how i'm being immature and shit
And the song was actually shitty so i recorded it two times and on the second time it was a lot better
Then there's this bool about scientific methodology that i am required to have read for tomorrow's class
Aand yay thats it i hope that makes the above post more believable and less robotic
> goat even gases

| Worked day and nightsshift on two different jobs

| >>562382
your songs pls

| Dick

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