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Just got a job

| but my co-worker is a nigger

| Niggers are chill, great bros., I like em, I just hate white guilt activists and the whole PC culture

| >>561279
we'll see. I Haven't had good experiences with them here. I don't expect anything good though because not only is it a nigger, but it's a girl as well.

| >>561281 I thought white supremacists were supposed to secretly want to get with black women (or men) as a sexual fetish. Are you sure you're really a white supremacist?

| >>561290
I never said I was I just think that black people have gross skin and are usually annoying.

| Please go back to /new/ with US politics/stupidity if you want to do bait threads. Or better, just go back to 4chan.

| >>561295
t. nigger

| >>561295 hey, don't stoop to their level, bro.
>>0687a0 you do you when it comes to romance and sexual preferences, but be more open minded to professional relationships, you never know when you need someone to help you on a hard time

| Well, to my experience, black people are great friends. And they really cherish their friendship. And they don't care about white people. We're the only ones bothered by them.

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This thread is permanently archived