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Give me reasons for me to live...

| I want to die. For real.

| The Stormlight Archive book series is still not over, you can't die before reading it all
Well if that's not enough tjen just make sure you die with style, no noose, no car suffocation, no jumping from a building, yes skydiving with explosives, yes making a rocket chair, yes copying any of Monokuma's executions

| Then die. seriously there is no reason to live. You are born expected to make your own purpose which is bullshit but if you're unable to do that then you might as well just die right now.

| im looking for a surrogate mommy. that can be your purpose until you succeed in birthing my child.

| Well for short term, it'll be nice to see what's at E3 this year.

| Have to make your own reason. I don't know a thing of the environment you live in. Of the delights you take escape in. Of you.
Was thinking about dying heavily before sleep yesterday. In my dream I died (or something similar as dreams are fleeting). That was one of the scariest dreams I had. I felt terror.
Living might be tough, but it's stable. Death is abrupt and unknown.
If you end up kysing, I wish you luck. You probably don't tho. Just want fellow g/u/rls to cheer you up huh?

| >>561158 why though? Really, you can do or be so many things... depression takes that all away though, and you just constantly focus on negatives.

| The more you want to die, the longer you'll have to suffer here. The more you want to live, the quicker you'll be taken from here. :^)

| Eat a lot of food
And you'll be in a good mood
Then you can wear a fancy suit
And you won't have to be nude

| Everything exists because "nothing" can't exist. Universe is endless, so if humanity will go extinct, it will be infinitely insignificant

Some humans are able to understand that, but they are still controlled by their own brain. If it creates the right chemicals, one will want to live without any reason

| >>561468
Allow me to respectfully disagree, the disappearance on humans will not make the universe entirely insignificant. It has plenty of significance beside being our home. Plus, maybe there are other worlds with other species equally (or more) developed.

| >>561523 I think you're saying the same thing... seems she's saying our extinction would be insignificant, not our universe.

| You don't know what tomorrow brings. I, too, have had my bad days and times when I wanted to die and stop trying. It's still not always easy, but I met someone who change everything in my life.

| Children's cardgames, that's all I need to want to stay alive
Hit the game store buy a few booster packs and feel your eyes tear up in happiness when an ultra rare fullart holographic card comes from the third batch of packs, go home satisfied and enhance your main decks with your great haul

| If you were for real you wouldn't have made this thread, but that's preaching to the choir.

| There is none. Have I lived in NA I would already got a gun and shoot myself. If you also live in cuck country then you're out of luck as well

| Lately I've been having suicidal thoughts too. It's pretty difficult and confusing, but just try to be thankful for the small things in your life. Someone out there might have it worse than you, not to devalue the way you're feeling, but to show how you might have it better than other people. Be thankful, and you'll find something worth living for and that will make you happy.

| Just give us enough time to make actual vr, or to build an isekai

| >>561824 was about to say something similar, wait till some really good VR games come out and just immerse yourself in that world. You may still feel depressed but at least you'd be occupied

| Card games, l
All disputes in the world should be solved by cadd game matches and everyone should have at least two decks of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon

| >>094f95
Life is daunting and tough. Everywhere, all seems bad, Always. What helped me was to first take a step back from media, like news and such (not potential social contacts), try enjoing what nature you have near the place you live, and never, ever stop telling your self everyday in the mirror: "I'm looking good! And I will not give up." No matter how stupid or wrong it seems. Just do it. It's and subconscious thing, tape a piece of paper to the mirror if you are forgetful.

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