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Ice lemon tea VS hot green tea

| I'd prefer having some hot drink, because it's making me feel warm. U?

| It really depends on what I feel like at the time but I will usually tend to go for cold drinks

| never had hot tea in ma life

| >>561128 that's impressive!

| Ice tea because ice ice baby

| Yes.

| Summer should drink ice drink
Is not it?

| Can't you just mix those two?

| >>561171 but then it won't be hot or cold, that's weird and nasty

| You can brew hot tea and pour over a pile of ice with some honey, that's super easy.

LOL >>fends gnaws nazi


| hot tea for life, may it be cold or hot outside I don't care
not to mention how calm it makes you feel

| Ice lemon tea for me...

| >>561592

| >>561703

| I don't wanna decide, I'll take both

| lemon tea is fucking gross. all iced tea is gross except for green tea. green tea will always be good and dare I say the best tea

| Hot green tea, though i prefer black tea. I have to sweeten the hell out of iced tea, not hot tea. So hot tea, every day, every season.

| Iced earth

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This thread is permanently archived