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How to recover from a burnout?

| I've been in college for a while, longer than expected due to major change. But unfortunately, I feel quite burnt out. I barely care about my field anymore, I feel apathetic and that nothing matters. It's grown hard to force myself to complete projects.

I suffer with depression, so I went for counseling by school and am looking for a therapist outside. But I'm having trouble pulling myself together to finish my semester. Any advice?

| >>561100 tough time for that to happen, sorry to hear it. One thing could be meds, they are often prescribed in parallel with therapy. Either way, it's not going to be a week or two when you feel better, but the sooner you start, the further ahead you will be. For a much quicker result, try the gym. Do cardio, beat your body up a little. It feels great after and it's hard to stay depressed when your legs are burning. It's proven to work and results are fast. Hope that helps :)

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| I meant to say moe anime. You know, k-on? That nico nico nii anime whatever the name is?

Or simply search on YouTube cat videos.

| What usually works for me is printing the faces of people I knoe and shooting the prints(with a toy gun, real guns are a big no-no where I live)

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This thread is permanently archived