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Imma stop masturbating

| I had a "problem" with masturbation, since i get really stressed i started jacking in order to relax, but i do get over the "limit" i did almost every night and morning, but now im going do limit myself to 7 times a week, then 6 times tge next week and so on, i plan by August to stop at all.
What do you guys think???

| I think tjat's a good idea, but it's not necessary to stop masturbating, you could just do it in a very smaller frequency than now

I need to stop masturbating too, since I usually masturbate 2 times/day, it used to help, but now it's only a momentaneous pleasure followed by guilt

Besides that, excessive masturbation may mess up with your sex capacity and even helping in the developing of mental issues

| Mashturbating ish good.. It helpsh me to relaxsh... I don't know whyyy you wantsh to shtopp

| Stopping isn't healthy at all.
Limit your self to once a day

| Yeah, you don't need to stop, it would be worse, if you get horny in public

| You people do it more than twice a week?
Guess I'm good then, was thinking I was doing it way too much...

| twice a day is too much?
>aww shit

| twice a day is too much?
>aww shit

| Op) i aint gonna stop lile at all form morning to night, its just that i'll do it WAY less than now afyer i complete the routine im set to.

| >>561159 you can say that again

| >>561160 you can say that again

| It's good in that case, I assume you ate not enjoying it and it's just gor the hit to medicate yourself in a way.

Just speaking from personal, if my life is in a good place I might do it once a week.

Also make sure you've set the goal to something reasonable. Otherwise you'll fck up and hate yourself.

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This thread is permanently archived