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All the pessimism in this board..

| Makes a g/u/rl sad
I really want to see some more orgies and motivation in this board. Let's become a family, /u/! ♡

| >>560744 want to hold hands?

| >>560744 become a family? With these nipple twisting clit rubbing g/u/rls??


| I just wanna suck dicks

| I like sex!

| Go cry to yo mama you fucking whitenigger transfaggot son of a LGBT supremacist

| I think everyone just got a bit sadder when I stopped doing daily reminder threads

| >>560927 no

| It is sad.

It's also a online forum, which is a guarantees that it's gonna be filled with people who take out their aggressions on random people anonymously to decompress.

| I'm not belong here.

| Hey, I just call people out for posting shit in the wrong areas. people posting stuff in /new/ instead of /u/ is the worst offense I can think of >:(

| I read the title as "all the pepsimans"

| Yes, I too think, that we all the Pepsimans on this board should be banned

| Pepsiman part got me laughing

| >>560927 no, your reminders thread sucked

| We need more daily pepsiman threads

| i blame the doomer zoomer psyop campaign

| >>560927 Pls continue your daily reminders
I liked them

| >>561402 it's a Russian subversion scheme.

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This thread is permanently archived