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What happened here?

| I mean, I haven't visited /u/ for a long time, when I opened it up today, it looks like it's being somehow...abandoned?

There was some special reason for people start lefting /u/?

| Yeah /u/ seems the most active. I used to lurk here and browse occasionally. But no clue what happened. It seems very dead aside from /u/. Pretty sad, I loved this place

| It seems pretty normal to me, I don't remember it being more active
When did you last visit it? Was it before the captcha?

| I remember the period of time when /a/, /d/, and /v/ had at least a full page of active threads or so and /u/ have 2+ active pages and I could check back much more frequently for new replies.

| Questin OP where you a summerfag?

| Question*

| It's still active though not as much, Moderators are still Moderating though there's a lack of new content in Augment Eye and Kira's Blog. G/u/rls are still mad about captcha but thats thanks to REOLFag that shows us why we can't have good things in the internet.

| I still think we should track REOL spammer, get rid of them, leave pics on a pinned thread as an example of what happens to spammers and then remove the captcha

| >>560769

How serious are you about this?

| >>560914 as serious as I can be without having to respond legally in case something happens

| >>560704 "start lefting" lol. we got the edgy and trans turf war going on

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This thread is permanently archived