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I'm bored I'm brazillian AMA

| Help me get away from boredom, ask me anything.

| Boa noite! então ainda tem outros BRs aqui...

| kkk eae g/u/rl

| what do brs typically eat

| >>560556 if I move to Brazil how many wives can I have? Would Brazilian women be okay with a harem situation? :)

| Tá cheio de Br aqui mano kkkk

| >>3d47cc
how many dicks does a Brazilian guy have? Just wunderin

| >>560560 Sopa de macaco

| Rapaz, como assim ainda tem BR no /u/

| Do you have a nice ass? Do you guys really have reality shows just to admire people's butts?

| Sopa de macaco uma delica huehuehue brbr

| How much do you love/hate burgerlanders?

| Do you shit on the streets

| Do you eat dirt

| How much football do you watch?

| Why won't you answer our questions? Have you become un-bored? What made that happen? I mean, technically you said AMA, but that doesn't mean you have to answer, but I'm pretty sure that's the point :p

| >>561289 I'm not OPbl bit we Brazilians are a fickle bunch, we go in and out of boredom faster than a bipolar person changes moods

| Guess i'll answer your questions since OP pretty much abandoned this thread
>>560650 yes
>>561032 perhaps
>>561135 we have toilets and a lot of retards who doesn't clean dog shit off the road
>>561206 no
>>561272 we only watch soccer

| >>561319 British people call soccer football

| >>561321 they also call cigarettes "fags", so there's that :P

>>561308 >>561319 much obliged :)

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This thread is permanently archived