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Have you ever had a stalker?

| No, seriously. I'm interested in how it feels and wanna hear some stories.

| I had once in highschool. This boy always took pictures of my foot in class. Now we're couples.

| I wish someone would stalk me. that sounds really fucking hot

| >>560101 How did this happen? Tell more.

| get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

| >>560101
Post pics of your feet

| >>560101 >>560214 post pics of your boy

| Yes, I was in 8th grade, this girl from 7th grade would follow me around everywhere asking me out all the time and waiting for me on the restroom door
I was young, foolish and believed I'd get another chance at love in the future so I got creeped out and went to another school in another town, had I known how pathetic I would become I'd probably have given her a chance...

| >>560325
She's still around. She's just really good at following you now.

| Yeah- he dated my sister for a bit. Was super emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive to her. Didn't like that I was gunning for his ass.

| >>560566 try exposing yourself in public places to see if you can flush her out.

>>560571 who was stalking whom here?

| >>560084
Yeah, we ended up dating through high school and on-and-off through college. When I proposed to her, she told me she was cheating on me.

Don't trust stalkers.

| >>561040 FFFFatalityyy :D

| >>561040 that's harsh

| >>560624

A close friend at the time was dating my little sister, he was super abusive to her, and when I started outing his shit to everyone in our friend group he started stalking me.

I guess technically we were counter stalking each other, but I got most of this information from my sister and screenshots of conversations.

| >>561210 that sucks g/u/rl... why was he such an ass, and to your dear little sister that just wanted cuddles and headpats?

| >>561286

Tbh, he was always kind of a douche. He had an inferiority complex as large as the sun and had a habit of doing shit like emulating gangsters and the like to serve as a personality.

This isn't that interesting or out of the blue when you consider that our whole group of friends were weirdoes, but we also kinda assumed he'd grow out of it after highschool? He didn't though- if anything, he seemed to be getting worse. Like, he had all these insane ambitions about what

| he thought it meant to be in a relationship and to raise a family- which, to be fair, he had a shitty family himself with overprotective, helicopter hell parents, so what would he know- but despite his desires, he took every opportunity to blame any and all of his issues on someone else, even when his actions were blatantly abusive, endangered others, or were very, very illegal.

The reason my sis stayed with him so long was because she has this stupid complex where she's attracted

| to shitty men because she thinks she can "save" them and make them better people. Her previous boyfriend was also a huge douche, but at least he wasn't- well, *as* physically abusive and he wasn't so stupidly narcissistic that he couldn't see how getting someone pregnant and then attempting to have a quiet abortion and then hiding both of these things from the immediate sibling of the girl is NOT going to make them trust you, much less lying to her about what kind of drug you had

| them take the night prior to a major job interview, leading to her getting denied entry after a drug test.

It was literally only after, during all this drama, she found someone who wasn't a huge douche, was vetted, and was capable of admitting to his own faults and legitimately cared for her well being that she dropped this shitlord, long after all of us had cut ties with him in a new york minute.

Later on said ex friend would get dismissed from his university for

| stalking another girl, reentering the premises of a club that he was banned from, making credible-ish threats at university staff and assault. Then, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Gee, who'd guess that he'd really turn out to be insane.

... wow I wrote too much. sorry for taking over the thread, got a little too into it.

| >>561475 it's called codependence... it doesn't have to be that way

>>561477 nah g/u/rl, it was a good read. Thanks :) I hope she can make peace with herself and not have this kind of trouble. As for your friend, I've known various iterations of this, serious bi-polar, OCD/paranoia etc. Sucks for everybody involved, but hopefully more awareness and action can help. Our prisons are full of people like that because there isn't an earlier intervention and still a huge stigma.

| im my own stalker

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