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Trans ppl are great and real

| That's it thank you

| If you have to keep pushing the idea like this you're either insecure and need to reaffirm it to make sure you don't stop believing it or it's just plain wrong
So you're either unsure of what you said or just lying
What means I'm probably better off believing the opposite

| >>513b49 have you possibly considered that the reason we need to reaffirm this isnt because its not real but because people keep trying to harass and invalidate it?

| Fishing for validation won't change anything. Look up trans men suicide rates.

| >>554755 sorry but what you people do seems more like harassment to me, you raid videogames and websites while the media rallies and cheers on your organized brigading, you start acting as if not being trans was weird, you force me to watch boring company talks about how we have to accept you, you pretend restrooms are separated by gender when it's obviously by sex(if it wasn't urinals probably wouldn't exist) and you think being trans should be a free pass to any job

| I still don't get the point of trans, but I wholeheartedly support the abolition of gendered clothing because I want to look beautiful too

| >>554765 you act like trans people are some kind of untouchable elite when in reality we experience so much more targeted violence. why? because we're "pushing ideas on others" when we want to be understood and accepted? nobodys guaranteed a job, but the chances of getting one if youre trans are FAR slimmer. quit bullshitting

| intentional bait is intentional.

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This thread is permanently archived