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Is it possible to vape water?

| Also does it have negative health effects?
I kinda want to try vaping but just to fool around with the smoke not to get high or reduce stress so I though that maybe vaping water would work

| Nicotine-free vape liquid is a thing you know

| I think that's called boiling water >>554725

| >>554779 so it won't destroy my lungs without nicotine? I'm interested

| I mean, vape works by vaporization, hence the name, and that's what happens when water is turned into a gaseous form.

So yes, you can "vape" water. It'll basically be like inhaling the watery air from a humidifier, or one of those "smoke" machines.

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| >>554928

In theory you're still at risk for developing pneumonia since you're literally inhaling water into your lungs. Sure, we do this all the time with stuff like boiling water for food or taking a hot shower, but not for long periods.

I'd say don't worry about it too much as long as you're not vaping 24/7.

That said, yes, vaping nicotine is still giving you the problems of smoking nicotine, just in water form instead of burning paper form.

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This thread is permanently archived