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How do I do to stop crying for/about everything?

| I'm tired of being so emotional it fuckin sucks, the only way i can kinda control it is hurting myself n shit, but I cant really be doing that on public

| You can always talk with us if you feel comfortable to. What makes you emotional? Maybe we can help you

| I used to be like you but I don't know how I stopped it and now I feel like an aberration because I couldn't cry even when my grandfather died

| >>553915 I get it, my mom is the same,, I'm sorry to hear that

>>553900 Literally everything. I kno the root problem was ny shit childhood (if u can call it that) but even with therapy and medication I can't control my panic attacks.

It really fucks me when ppl see me cry, I don't want to appear weak

| I'm the kind of person who cries when they're very angry or frustrated, too-- not just when sad, so I feel this. It's happened at work plenty of times, I just let it happen and tell people not to worry too much about it. I tell them I've always been someone who cries easily and that it has nothing to do with them.

idk if this mentality comes from my profession or what, since I work with people at their worst and often encourage them to cry if they feel they need to.

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This thread is permanently archived