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Sup 9 year olds, Youtuber here.

| I have been surfing around the internet and i found this really app which looks really epic. I suppose you guys don't mind me if i advertise this to my channel with 20K+ subscribers? We do Reddit Meme Reviews and livestream Fortnite. This could be an good Reddit alternative. Thanks in advance!

| Get out of here, stalker.

| If your channel is comfy I don't think anyone would mind.

| >>550788
>Reddit Meme Reviews and livestream Fortnite


| >>550789
That's why I didn't say OP's channel is necessarily comfy, yanno.

| Hey la-mulanites.

| The grim reality is that there is a slim chance that this could not be a bait. Both the youtubers and their audience have really reached the bottom

| Yes, pls! I love meme reviews

| You're not mein fuhrer Pewdiepie, sorry I cant follow you

| Oh no

| Maybe don't share the site? We really don't need 20000 newg/u/rls. I can barely handle the ones we get. Thinking this is 4chan or smthn.

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Also I feel bad for Prefetcher-chan. I still experience some errors when submitting posts. Imagine that times a jillion but they shit up the place instead of replying to the /test/ thread

| ofc it's not real, they didn't post a link

| >>cb67d9 fuck you and your shitty channel bitch ass autist motherfucking incel porn addicted fortnite faggot player

| >>550784 suck my Swedish meatballs while I'm dueling on a motherfucking blimp you retard faggot motherfucker

| >>550910
Case in point.

| Wow that's some bait g/u/rl


| >>551318 Dueling on a blimp? Kaiba!

| >>551318 no swearing

| I can destroy the world
Total annihilation
Wiping out every nation
I will cleanse the globe with fire.
> Everybody must die.
> You must show no remorse.
Even the French?
> Of course!
Then I shall slaughter them with pride!
Destroy the world!
My dragon penis it will spew
fiery death everywhere.
This Teddy bear
will back me up with feeling.

| >>e15c56 These parts have no need for stalkers, seconded. Deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, anarchists and bandits... None of them will stop Duty on its triumphant march towards saving the planet!

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