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Escaping mass surveillance

| So g/u/rls how to escape mass surveillance? Where should you live? How to get salary in cash that is not tracked, have anonymous communications, being invisible for cameras, etc?

| Steal a van. Change the plates. Live in it while driving from town to town doing odd jobs for cash.

| Ask /tech/

| Conquer Mars before Elon Musk and create your own society.

| >>550796
Privacy has become a luxury good. Just get rich and your privacy will be cosidered to be more important than the privacy of poorer people. Class society hooray!

| The only effective privacy is the privacy of being uninteresting. Don't get famous, don't get rich, don't get happy, don't have a public opinion. If you are totally uninteresting to anyone then you're not a target. Other than that, just accept that privacy isn't really a thing and any govt. authority can know anything they want about you at any time.

| This won't erase you, but it's super helpful. A book called How to Be Invisible by J.J. Luna

| Maintain a relatively normal and "boring" social presence while you keep any socially looked down upon activites under wraps. The best anonymity is when you look so much like part of the herd on the outside that no one even considers that you're anything else.

| >>550928 >>550904 in times of targeted ads, nobody is uninteresting

| >>550932 ads are easy to avoid though.

| Don't use the internet or if you do use vpns to hide your ip, turn off JavaScript or use umatrix / noscript to stop tracking, don't have a cellphone they constantly ping towers with location data and even if they didn't they log witch tower you're using and when, there are some projects that try to log every CCTV location look into that, don't make enough money to worry about taxes live on the street/out of a paid off car in someone else's name

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Hopping off this, you could try using a phone that requires wireless/VOIP services and just find a way to mask your device.

Also, you can pay for most things with cash to reduce your online paper trail.


This is also the website I generally use for reducing/obfuscating my presence online. Even if you don't do it entirely, it's still useful.

| Clarification, I mean a phone that requires wireless internet to work as it has no cellphone connection.

Like this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2103809433/wiphone-a-phone-for-hackers-and-makers

| Make a huge EMP bomb set off near the electricity plant and enjoy freedom while they try to fix the surveillance because it won't last too long
Another alternative is locking yourself in a Faraday cage no EM waves go in or out but it'll be hard to move around without attracting attention and won't stop surveillance cameras from spotting you

| That reminds me your microwave is a small Faraday cage, I imagine you could throw something in there if you think it's bugged to talk

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Go live in the wilderness and reject modern society. Or go to central africa.

| Suck cocks

| >>551409 not that simple gotta take that cock out into the woods with no cell phones or coverage to track you, also rip tracking out of your car since that's government mandated for future use by self driving tech

| It's impossible

| Pyotr is living in taiga
For three years already
Pyotr has left the people
He has left the worldly troubles

He's just got tired of life
And he's not mad with people
But it was a time
When he was a carrier of great ideas

But now the forest has become his home
He can sleep calmly here
He's drinking the silence
And the silence cannot be taken away from him

He's coming to me at nights
And calling me to join him
He's going to the moon
And he can see the night like no one else

| There are no guests at his place
Besides birds and animals
He's singing his songs to them
His voice has became clear as a creek

There is a spring after an autumn
Forest is loosing it's clothes
Pyotr is wasing his face with a dew
Spring is inspiring hope

He was nobody for a people
For beasts he's like Ded Mazay
Maybe he will return to the people
When paradise will come to the earth

| He's coming to me at nights
And calling me to join him
He's going to the moon
And he can see the night like no one else

Pyotr is living in taiga
Pyotr has left the people


| >>5382b6 hey Hoid, can you take me to Alethkar? I'm tired of this world

| >>551499 I'm also ok going to Elendel

| P.S.: syka blyat Rush B

| If you need communications find a.phone that separates the modem from the rest of the device itself. So far only two devices have this ability. The GTA04 class, and the dragonbox pyra

| >>551500 I guess if you are OK with having someone up there constantly looking over you, literally, you can go to Elendel

| >>5514865
Only legit answer

| >>551551 so the only real answer will be posted in about 30 years

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