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I get used by a LOL e-girl everyday AMA

| I am so lonely and deprived of human interaction that I let an e-girl use me to gain elo in League

>only messages me when she wants to play
>wont respond to my messages for hours so I have to always be online and respond instantly to play with her
>I have to compliment her every game even though she almost always feeds
>tells me she will add me on discord and then just casually ignores when I tell her my tag, multiple times

Besides all that, I find comfort in talking to her.AMA

| How do you like your eggs?

| >>550590 Hard boiled. I hate when that white shit isn't fully cooked and runny. Fried is okay too I guess.

| What is your favorite music?

| >>550602 Progressive house/Deep house if I had to say. Stuff like EvE online OST is also very nice.

| Do you have any experience in Adobe Illustrator?

| >>550608 Sorry, I have no experience in that. Would you talk to me if I had?

| Technically, I could talk to you even without that

| >>550616 You are an amazing person. I wish you 20 years of luck.

| What's your favorite food-related holiday?

Somewhat urelated but I'm just saying we should celebrate corndog day more.

| >>550618 S-sorry I don't have one... I am from a poor eastern european country. I have never tasted a corndog before. I like eating salty food and then eating sweet food, finishing it off with unsweetened black tea. I hope you have a good corndog day.

| >>550617 if you feel lonely, you could just ask people to talk to you even without mentioning stuff about e-girl. I don't care, but someone might consider it unappealing.

| Just leave contact info there and, who knows, maybe a miracle will occur.

| >>550622 I found that person by asking at the start of my league games. Basically something along the lines of "Lonely neet? Want to talk? Add me after game.". She did and it evolved to mostly playing ranked games with me after a few days.
I don't feel that crushing loneliness anymore. At that time I didn't mention anything about e-girl and didn't even expect a girl to add me. It was a surprise to me too.

| >>550576
Kind of stokholm syndrome.

| >>550634 Maybe kind of. I like sucking up to her. She plays ADC and I always play support because I'm a main support. Whenever she gets mad, I quickly try to apologize. After games I always try to say that she carried in a non ironic way. After that I thank her for playing with me.
I'm not going to lie. I don't go to bed lonely after we met. We exchange at least a few sentences each day. I want to keep her so much.

| >>550638 as long as you're happy, gurl

| >>550652 Thank you. I am really embarrassed of creating this thread. It made me reflect and understand that I'm just an ungrateful asshole. I accuse her of "using" me while in fact she is the kind soul that responded to my message and gave me what I was looking for.

| I feel like I heard a vocaloid song like this

| In the future there will be a vocaloid song for every feeling and thought.

| I don't understand? Why do you let someone take advantage of you? And why do you think it's an actual girl?

| >>550952 I don't feel lonely that way. Makes me think of someone all day. Instead of thinking about my loneliness, I just focus on thinking about that person. I don't know for sure that she is a girl. We never had voice chat, exchanged pictures. I am just happy the way it is right now.

| Just don't get too attached to her, because she/he eventually will get bored and leave you... probably
And then you'll feel even worse

| >>550965 Thank you for your warning. I didn't think about her leaving me that much. Suppose she probably might sometime in the future. Hopefully as long as I stay online all day and answer her when she is bored, I will have a place in her friendlist.
I can't promise that my attachment to her won't grow to something bigger. Yes, I should be prepared if she leaves me.

| >>550966 I'm gonna be honest this seems like an unhealthy obsession, I'd imaging you're not that great with people or have social anxiety or something but feeling the need to stay online all day just to be able to talk to someone is a bit much imo

| I think that sounds pretty hot. I like those kind of abuse/ignoring relationships

| >>550968
I have to agree. My day consists of just browsing the interwebz/playing games anyway. I have nothing to lose. Sure, it is kind of painful to straight up admit and take on a role of a loser. I would probably be fine just the way things were(no friends), but this crushing feeling when I go to bed... It is just unbearable. It never was so bad. Therefore I had to do something.
Hahaha, I am glad you find it hot. She probably does think of me as her dog.

| If you're really lonely and it doesn't necessarily has to be a girl, you could probably find someone to talk with on here by exchanging Discord IDs or something

| >>550990 I'm not comfortable sharing my discord here. Even though, if anyone is playing on EU West and just wants some company, I will add them. It's my other account where I don't play with her.
>IGN: Seol Ah
I will be able to play in 1 hour or so. Please don't expect much from me.

| dont get too attached to this "girl". I know guys who pretend to be female because its easy to get guys to play with them. if you are planning on taking this relationship further i suggest setting up a call where you both show your face. this way they wouldnt be able to use a voice changer or fake picture.

| I fell for a bad girl who was just using me once, I did everything for her
Until I wanted to do one thing for myself even though it wasn't what she wanted, then she found another guy to use, one who didn't say no to her
Be careful and don't get too attached, it hurts a lot when things go south

| what's your race

| >>551003 Well, I wasn't looking for a girl in the first place, just a friend. I probably won't try to find out if she is truly a female. Thanks for your concern though. I suppose it's my mistake for stamping "egirl" on thread topic.
>>551005 Awwwww... I'm so sorry for you. That sounds awful. Did you recover well after your breakup? You should find a better girlfriend! I wish you best of luck. Thank you for sharing your experience.
>>551009 I'm very pale ;p

| >>551015
>very pale
you are superior

| >>551015 have you tried joining a discord were you could ask to join others, maybe with voice chat?
Might help with the loneliness and might make some friends along the way

| >>551211 Ah, that is a great idea! I might appear retarded for not doing that. I avoid it because I find discord uncomfortable. I use it for content servers. In discord it feels like people have their own social circles formed and I just don't want to get in the way. Also, voice chat is a big no for me. It is just so tiring to communicate with voice. Not comfy at all. I'm happy having one friend I can chat with. It didn't get into anyone's social circles that way too!

| Unless you're completely happy with how things are right now just stop talking to her. Nothing worse than being used and discarded eventually.

| >>551290 Well... I am really happy currently. In fact this whole thread looks like I am playing a victim card and begging for attention. Which is true. I appreciate your kindness guys, truly do. There is a reason why I was so lonely. It's because my personality is just unbearable. Chances are, I might leave her first myself. She is using me and I am using her. Isn't it fair for her to ditch me when I become useless? I think it is. I will be happy with her contribution to my life.

| >>551227 I feel this, large discord serves are super uncomfy a large majority of the time, and text is the superior form of communication

| >text is the superior form of communication
Yeaaa!! Fuck voice chat and utterly horrible reality of voice communication. Also
>appreciate your kindness guys
I am so sorry for this. I meant g/u/rls, right? Haha. Hope you have a great day everyone!!!

| Agreed! Text is so much nicer to talk in and easier to be heard than voice too.

As for OP, you should probably continue to search for people to talk to during games. Eventually you will find others who will also stick around and probably respect you a bit more. Good luck!

| How old are you???? No, seriously. I'm curious where you're at in life besides... This whole thread.

| Text is awesome indeed, although I don't feel like it beats irl talk with friends. But yeah for online stuff text is amazing

| >>551554 I'm 25.

>>551587 Yea... Surely, irl interactions would be awesome. You can also do much more interesting stuff irl, but yeah.

Update for those interested. We exchanged photos. She asked me for it a few times and I always denied. Yesterday I just couldn't resist and sent it. I guess it would have happened anyway. She liked me and I like her. Hopefully things won't take a turn for the worse.

| beta cuck

| >>551587 I see it as a tool, for arguments it can't be beat, since there's a built in log and no forgetting to respond to an argument, instructions it's better since you can refer back, but it's limited by typing speed of both parties making it less efficient than quicky speaking a complex thought, or for using inflection in your voice to change meaning

| That's unhealthy relationship. You should get rid of her and find someone who gives a shit. I mean you were able to talk with her so you can find someone else pretty easily. Also if loneliness bothers you so much just find some hobby I guess? You won't have time to feel lonely and eventually you'll find someone to talk to. Just my experience tho

| >>551692 You are right.
>>551693 Definitely so. It does get frustrating at times being limited by text. Especially when English is not my primary language.
>>551696 She is 24 y/o and NEET so we should have a lot in common to talk about. I appreciate her a lot. Maybe I could find someone else, but why not try and make good friendship happen with her? She could open up more and more as time passes. We might have a nice friendship going. Just sharing daily stuff and joking around.

| >>83db12 how long has this been going on for tho? Because if it's already been a few months and she hasn't opened up, I doubt she ever will.

| >>551709 I don't know exactly. Probably month and a half or so. It's probably too early to say if she will open up or not.

| I say give it up. My fiance has a gal pal that's the same way. Although, we both hope for her to join us for a triad relationship, I'm probably more realistic and have convinced him to lay off. She's a LoL player too and goes through "online boyfriends" supposedly. Doesn't sound worth your time.

| I forget, not everyone's poly. But yeah, she hasn't really reciprocated emotions the same as he has and this was a couple years prior to my appearance in the equation.

| >>551942 She's currently going through some sort of "pain and sadness" phase it seems. I will stick around and see what's up. We spent all day chatting yesterday. It seriously made me tired. Everything was much better when she ignored me and only replied when she wanted to. I look at this like an investment though. It's good experience and it might pay off. Also I don't mind if she has multiple male friends. We are just internet buddies. Thanks for your input g/u/rl!

| >>551945 if she's a NEET, then it's most likely that everyday she is going through some sort of "pain and sadness" phase. You probably know better.

| >>552251 Whatever you would like to believe. Saying that all NEETs go through "pain and sadness" everyday is just pretty strange. I would say that you are projecting and/or generalizing too much.
Also I'm done with this thread. It's getting bumped from the dead just for the sake of it. This is my last post here. Thanks for your attention g/u/rls.

| >>552254 ok, have fun being a happy hikki neet that is being used by neet "girl"

| I cannot fucking believe it. She might be a guy.
>create new accounts to lvl
>play few matches
>shes bored
>ffw few days
>mention accounts to her
>she doesnt wanna play
>offer to level it for her
>shes fine with it
>log in to account
>asks for email confirmation
>email is some german word that ends with 1978
>google it without @ part
>find pinterest account with tattoos and katarina pics
>ask her about it and about the 1978
>shes silent
Couldn't even make it up...

| I hope she is a pretty trap op.

| >>552411
I just don't know what to think anymore. She replied it's just a random number. She said this is creepy what I just did. But how can 1978 be a random number? Am I in the wrong for having my suspicions? I don't know what's gonna happen now, she is offline currently. And it was all going so well. Either way now I am fucked. She is either a male or even if she isn't, she's creeped out by me. Fucking nice. Might update if people are interested.

| I mean, if her being a male turns you off, that might be for the best.

Do you honestly think that your relationship healthy? She'll end up dumping you for another lapdog sooner or later; or even if both of you become a couple, what can 2 depressed neets do?

Yes, you are no longer lonely when you talk to her, but that's only a temporary solution.

| 1>>552418
You knew what you were getting into when you started this. Becoming invested in someone you don't know is becoming invested in a fantasy. You knew she could have been lying, you knew for a fact she uses you, and you knew that you get nothing out of this.

The way you're feeling now, this. This is the way a person feels when they stop willfully keeping their eyes shut.

Good morning.

| >if her being a male turns you off
If we didn't talk about lewd stuff before, it wouldn't. It would just be a friendly chat person. She finally added me on discord a few days ago though and we were talking unusually a lot. About everything. I thought it might be strange, since it said "new to discord" on her pfp. But of course, my brain just ignored it. He/she was probably having epic lulz at my expense. Now I'm looking through the chat logs and laughing myself. Why am I so stupid?

| >>552523
>You knew what you were getting into
Yes, I knew. Honestly I am not even mad, I'm impressed by the guy. Those past weeks were some of the best fun I've had in a loong time. Also if he is a guy, he might have muuuch bigger mental problems than me. Last few days we were really getting attached to each other. Or that's what I was thinking at least.
>you get nothing out of this
Wouldn't agree here. I am happy, but also sad that this might be the end to our friendship.

| Can you try asking him for Voice chat? That way, you would at least have proof, if he's a boy or girl and probably also, if he's your age

| >>552551
We are in the middle of talking rn on discord. It's getting bad I think. She started conversation by asking my name multiple times (?). I don't know what the fuck is going on in his/her mind. I tried asking her for photo/voice, but she just answers with "why?" and "Im 100% girl".
Fucking hell. Somewheree earlier I mentioned we exchanged photos. It's not true, I sent her mine and she only has profile picture on discord as proof. God I am an absolute autist.

| >>550576 mmmm... maybe masochisttss . ?

| >>550970 yup yup you right

| >>550576 if you are socially awakward maybe try to talk to strangers online ?

instead a baseless like for someone, get to know someone through talking to people.

e girls are kinda toxic. we can't get wives through gaming, sad, i know.

p.s. burgs came in captcha! i have been blessed !

| >100% girl

Yeah... that'a a giant red flag.

What is your plan OP? Will you go on playing games with "her" or will you abandon ship?

| >>552610
I don't know anymore dear g/u/rl. She plays her female role perfectly. What I know for sure is that she/he has some really bad mental problems.
I feel like I'm stuck. I don't want to feel lonely. She expressed her interest in continuing the talks with me. We had some of the weirdest most bizarre conversations (to me). At the same time, I'm scared to put an end to it.

| My bet would be that I fell prey to someone exploiting/making fun of weak and lonely people. Thankfully I had common sense to hide my face in photo. She/he actually told me that her friends posted a screenshot of my "anyone lonely?" message in league lobby (thus why she added me). This only reinforces my theory.
He/she is acting like nothing happened though. I will continue talking to him/her, maybe play sometimes. I just won't compromise myself. Yep, such is the situation.

| >>552656 I'd say your intuition is correct, and if you choose to keep playing along be extra careful

Or if you're really sure they're fucking with you, troll back, just keep your story straight and within the realm of reality

| >>552716
Thank you so much. I hope I learn my lesson from this. My loneliness took over me. I played right into the hands of someone. Just because I LITERALLY asked them to come in. Seriously... asking people to add me in league lobby is just not the way to find friends. To top it off, mention how lonely and pathetic you are. Just crazy.

I'm not sure if there is anything to add here. Hope everyone had a good read. Don't do what I did.

| >>552727
Don't feel bad OP, you have the self awareness to realize what went wrong, and that's a hell of a lot better than some people in situations like yours.

| You better keep us updated tho. And besides all that, going out of your way to find more info even ending in their pinterest's is... Creepy.

| >>552863
Oh, please. Social media is out to the public, if you think it's creepy for people to read then don't have any.

| >>0b463e well done you absolutely misunderstood what person meant to say -_-

| I*

| >>553323
Oh. My bad. You meant the LOL e-girl. Eheheheh... oops!

| Welp, since you guys bumped the thread from the ded... I'll update.
Everything is surprisingly normal. She certainly appears to be a female. I would go in detail, but the 500 characters.
What makes me fascinated about a woman is this one thing rn. I still instantly reply to her whenever she writes me something. It looks like she appreciates it a lot. She might be growing attached to me. Just yesterday we had a lengthy talk how "she feels bad" about her denying my offers to play.-->

| So the whole "using me for elo" is out the window now. We just talk most of the day. It blows my mind actually... Lemme find one thing. She's very amused that I don't mind her ignoring me and playing with others. Not a joke, she actually offered me to be her DOG. I think if I ever have a GF, I would just let her cheat. It would be such a pain to try and give everything to her from yourself. Wow, females surely have a dynamic life.

| OP likes ntr! I believe the op may have tricked himself into believing she is a girl to continue their relationship but either way she is just using him to feel better.

| >>553634
>op may have tricked himself into believing she is a girl
Won't even argue. I change my mind every day so it's entirely possible.

How long is it gonna last? Place your bets g/u/rls. Right now it's already becoming unhealthy because we are talking about same stuff over and over. I feel like it's only a matter of time until one of us breaks. How long can a text based relationship over internet last? Even though I only wanted someone to talk to for a bit, it evolved to this.

| If you say, she appears to be female, what do you mean? Did she show you any proof?

| >>553666 there are no boys on the internet! If she's on the internet, she's not a boy!

| >>553703

| >>553703
Wise words.
I don't fucking know. She just is. The more I talk to her, the more I can't even fucking fathom how it could be a male. My brain is tricked this hard and I feel like I'm talking to a female. If I can't tell the difference then it's okay, right? Also epic satanic trips g/u/rl.

| >>553711 have you been this close to girls before? If you haven't how do you know that this e-girl "couldn't be a male"?

| >>553834 because only girls say owo wat iz dis? owo league um a legend??? uwu looks fun! om nom! wow! awoo~!

| >>553891 Usually only guys pretending to be girls say that stuff.

| >>550576
Are traps gay?

| >>550576
Also, do yourself a solid and quit that bum ass game.

| >>553938
Not gay if penis is feminine.
Yes, that game is eating me alive. It's fucking garbage, but it's kinda perfect to play together.
Only had internet "relationship" before. It lasted few years. The person was a female.

| We live in two different worlds. Male and female. She says shes alone. Yet she has friends that she goes out to meet every day. She says she hates people and everyone is just trash. Yet she has a loving family that let's her live with them even though she's adult. Multiple sexual partners, no problems socializing. Yet she thinks we are "alone together". I'm not blaming her, my sadness just wells up. She abruptly ended our conversation with "Oh I'm going out, hf". Hah, guess so.

| She a thot me thinks

| Methinks they're a male that is also a serial liar. Ghost them and move on, anon.

| >>553985
Umm hate to break it to you, but those traits have nothing to do with being female. She just sounds like kind of a bitch. More than kind of tbh.

| >>554534
Ah sorry, sorry. I was just bitter I think. That's why I put it that way. Of course that doesn't have anything to do with gender. A male can have those traits and vice versa. I'm terribly sorry.
She did lie to me a few times I think.
Ehhh, a thot? Isn't it fine to have casual sex? Imagine just being horny/lonely and just wanting to have fun. Also a male had to agree to participate in that. It's just how humans work. Of course by DEFINITION she might be.

| >>554664
It's alright, no need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure there weren't any misconceptions.

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