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This e-thot is paying her taxes today

| Any others get it done? What kind of stuff did you put as deductions? Did you seek out a tax prep specialist or do it alone online? Any hiccups in the process?

| My deductions included outfits, toys, camera, and lighting.
My prepper said travel costs are deductable as well, like mileage and gas, and even flights.

Electric and internet can be deducted but they have to specifically be used for your business. I wonder if studio rentals are deductable.

| I owe 5 euro cents to the last country I worked on. I could just have put a fucking coin on the mail envelope

| >>550548 That's a lot cheaper than what I ended up owing. It was roughly $2,500. Next year, I'm expecting to pay more.

| The government usually gives me money. A decent chunck of it too.

| >>550907 What do you do for work? :)

| >>965ad6 suck cock

| >>550544
No troubles here because I use professional programs.

| >>551198 Interesting.
>>551301 Right on. I'm thinking of looking into that next year. I'm just glad to be done with it now.

| >that feeling when you made so little that you didn't even meet the tax deductible so you get all of your tax money back.

| What's an e-thot?

| >>551821
>OP here
Usually some type of lewd person?
I'm using it in the sense that I'm a sex worker. A cam g/u/rl in particular.
I see the e-thot term being thrown out by boys tho, so it's not necessarily gender specific.

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This thread is permanently archived