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How tf y'all still bitching about captcha

| Seriously it's way better than having the spammer here, couldn't even post at all when the board was flooded four pages back with reol shit. I'd rather a soower bord I can post on than no board come on g/u/rls

| It's hard to read. Lines make it impossible to say if there's an e or a c and shit. There are better captchas out there is all the latest discussion is about.

| > be me
> fuck cats
> scratch that this joke is too old
> start over
> be me
> see captchan
> tell captchan exactly what she wants
> she's blushing
> postingtime.tsundere
> get rejected by captchan
> refresh
> tell captchan the new words she wants to hear
> rejected again
> try another time but add an extra letter to the end of the last word
> post goes through
> sheLovesMe.yeahYeah

| 99% g/u/rls cant beat stage 5 captcha! We bet you cant press the install button!

| Both spamer and captcha are killing this board. I just don't feel like posting with captcha. It's an excess step. Just compare this two options: typing a short message and sending it and typing a short message, trying to unfigure the captcha (which is hard, if you're not a native English person), making a mistake, selecting the whole message, copying it, refreshing the page, feeling like you probably will be able to solve the captcha on your second try, but what if not?..

| What if it will take two, three, four tries? It probably won't, but what if?.. And you just feel "ah, fuck it..."

I think, we have to figure out another way. Captcha can't be the only answer to spamer. Remember, how this board was blooming after captcha was removed for a whole? I want that prosperity back.

| *for a while

| Captcha first take, first try!

| Stop bitching about bitching about captcha

| >>550543 stop bitching about bitching about bitching about captcha

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This thread is permanently archived