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Wtf my captcha didn't display all the letters

| I just had a captcha that was
"Jilin (something) pulps" but all it showed in the image was "Jilin (something) pulp" and after changing it about 10 times I saw that there were a few pixels of another letter to the write. It was impossible to tell what letter it was at all but I just guessed an "S" would fit the best so I did that and it worked.

But I can't help but feel that I've messed up so many captchas now to letters that are off screen

Fucking captchas

| Just use refresh button and have another picture

| my captcha keeps showing letters inside letters like the letter I was hidding inside the letter F

| It's bullshit

| I keep getting lewd captchas
Captcha: labia devin beige

| I entered a captcha yesterday and it loaded an empty page with OK in the left upper corner. I swear it's harassing me.

| >>550682 that's what happens to me all the time

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This thread is permanently archived