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Can we have a different captcha?

| As the recent experiment showed, removing it is a bad idea. Yet must it be so impossible to read? Can't we have a new captcha? With boobs and cute anime girls riding beautiful ponies over the rainbow? Please?

| I totally agree to the anime girls part

| Nice try... BOT.

| Yeah...something a little easier to read plz :P

| Maybe nerf the captcha to 3 words

| or maybe 4

| Just get the captcha right L O O O L

| Can't we just have that asks if your a robot and you press it once? And why can't we just put the captcha in once and then after that we don't have to until the next time we open the app?

I don't really know how it works but I think that's possible?

| Lol
This is the easiest captcha from "write letters from picture" type.
It is fast, you dont need download a lot of pictures, letters are not distorted.
Only problem i see thet some times captcha don't fit on mobile screen but just pushing refresh sove this

| How about the community gets together and hashes each of the captcha images and creates a database of hash to text so the spammer can come back so pref actually fixes it?

| I'd be cool with a "Please click on the anime breasts/ass/thighs" captcha.

| hey can we fucking not suggest a weeb version of recaptcha

| Hey can we please not suggest a captcha that consumes more data

| Stop bullying captchan! She's doing her job admirably.

| Didn't we have an easier captcha before this one but spammer got through it???

| >>550337 yes they were using ocr

I'd still like recapcha over this because if Google decides you're probably not a bot it won't even give you a captcha

| Recapcha is bullshit
Did you forgot about mobile users?
Did you forgot about mobile traffic?

| >>550369 I don't really understand why it would be worse on mobile?

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This thread is permanently archived