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Is suicide selfish?

| My parents tell me I'm ungrateful. I don't understand what I should thank them for. They gave me this life, but I don't value it. Isn't it my right to die if I want?

| It is, but all choices have consequences even if you don't believe in afterlife your suicide could end up hurting many people or even driving them to suicide too
Don't do it or at least consider all possible consequences before
But please don't do it l

| It doesn't matter if it's selfish or not. Killing yourself is wasting a lot of potential.

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But what do you say if i feel like much of my potential already wasted or will never be realised at this point?

| >>549988 yeah, some school shooters wasted their potential by suiciding.

| I would say so.

| Yikes, sounds like your parents don't get suicide at all if that's the bullshit they're telling you when it comes to an extremely sensitive subject.

Frankly, it doesn't matter if it's selfish. It's your choice if you want to live or die, you didn't ask to be born. Why do you want to die anyways, OP?

| >>549991 My justification for living is that one can never know that. Feel is not enough for making that kind of decision. Play when the darkness comes on steam, it's free and contemplates the subject.
>>549984 I'm pretty sure my death wouldn't hurt anyone except maybe my parents, who are my main motivation for dying, on the other hand. Point is you can't know that and that reasoning is flawed. Death wish comes when you don't feel like anyone really cares.

| Personally I'd rather people to be hurt by how my soul is withered down into nothingness, how my life was always miserable, than how I'll die. People always look for the explicit and ignore the implicit. So is with deah. One can be dead inside.
On the brighter note, sorry for all the gloom, point is don't live to be grateful, live to see the life through. KYSing is like walking out of the cinema in the middle of a movie you don't even know a metacritic score for.

| if you're asking yourself this question, you are not suicidal.

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That's not always true. It's best to not make assumptions when it comes to suicide.

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Being a human means being bound by fate, luck, genes, natural instincts, etc. If I can't choose what to become, it's better to not exist at all

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Just because a large portion of your life is random doesn't mean you have no choices. It's like in a game: the developers set the rules and conditions you start with, but when it comes down to it you're the one who decides how to play. Even if the path is linear you're controlling the pace, you're controlling which step to take, you can even put restrictions on yourself to play by your own rules.

You don't have total control, but there's more choices than continue or die.

| Before you blame them for saying that, you should imagine how they feel
Of course nobody wants their child, who they grew up, to kill themselfs
In the end it's your choice, if you it or not, most people on here will probably tell you not to
I went trough depression myself and tried to kill myself, but now I am glad, that my parents stopped me back then

| >>550043 consider all the affected, do you think cops and government workers like to deal with the paperwork and proceedings of a suicide case?
It's not your parents or those close to you, your actions can affect a lot of people you'll never know, innocent people whose only fault was getting thsir jobs and being assigned to your case

| Due to the way society is, people do tend to think that children are full responsibility of their parents. I would say it depends on the culture you are from. Most culture respects families a lot, some don't really care. If you are of legal age, it would paint a less bad picture on your parents in case you killed yourself.

| Also I've heard the word "ungrateful" thrown around a lot. I'm a pretty ungrateful child myself but my parents never uttered that word (it made my mom sort of self-deprecating, actually). I suggest learning more about them. There could be more to their feeling that what you thought.

| Become a nihilist. Your family gets to keep you and you don't have to give a damn about their relief.

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