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How hard is it to setup a personal website?

| my friends is whining that his website was taken down because he allowed people to upload images and he got rid of it, then it was taken down again because of some fucking copyright claim (he used pokemon stuff) and he already gave up, i've been considering doing it just to show how cool i am but according to my fren it seems to be a hassle since ill have to deal with the hosting bullshit and i dont like the idea of hosting it at my house, neocities seems to be the last resort but

| It's relatively easy. Maybe a week or two.

| If you pay someone?
Takes 5 minutes and $20-50.
If you want to code and host it yourself?
A few weeks, all your free time and depends on your hardware.

| TOR or ZeroNet.

| This isn't /tech/

| You can use github or gitlab to host your site

| Ruby + some web framework of your choice + heroku free tier

| >>549717
Did this in college for a class. It took like 3 hours to do because I suck at git and I cant into ruby on rails. Super easy if you actually take time to study ruby on rails instead of just ham-fisting a website into existence

| What do you want to put in the website op?? If you just want it to say <h1>HI</h1> you can just write in with notepad and drop it in Neocities/Github Pages. Don't bother with anything else.

| It sounds like your friend's site allows people to upload things though? That's *significantly* more complicated.

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This thread is permanently archived